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TGIF loves! Today I want to get into what makes a beauty brand good for the environment and good for us!

Skincare Industry: The Stats

The beauty industry contributes 120 billion units of packaging per year, and approximately 1 billion tons of CO2 per year just for shipping these products (which doesn’t include freight or air shipping in the instance of importing materials and ingredients from overseas!)

A lot of skincare and cosmetic companies create a lot of waste and use a lot of water to mass-produce their lines. Some of their ingredients, such as Petroleum (a very common skincare ingredient) come from crude oil, a very unsustainable fossil fuel that is polluting our planet. On top of that, not every plastic or glass container that bears the recyclable symbol on the bottom actually GETS recycled once it reaches the bin due to a variety of factors- the label not being removed, the color of the jar, or it not been thoroughly cleaned out and dubbed “contaminated”.

Small, single use objects such as mascara wands, makeup wipes, Q-tips and cosmetic applicators are some of the BIGGEST producers of waste in the world (not to mention the tiny parts do a lot of damage to animals) Check out this brand, Last Object! I use their reusable cosmetic applicators for my Latisse as well as their reusable makeup rounds!

As more and more brands start to move towards sustainable production, recyclable packaging, using better ingredients that are good for the body and the earth, and brands also start upcycle and buy-back programs for their packaging, all of us in the beauty industry are working towards this being the standard and best practice of all brands. I’m hopeful- but for now, here are some things to look for when purchasing cosmetics and skincare products:

  1. Research your favorite brands.

Just like when you are trying to eat healthier and you start reading the labels on all of your food, investing in skincare and cosmetics that make a healthier earth requires the same legwork. I will share a list of my favorite brands soon, but in the meantime, google your favorite brands and read on their websites about what they are doing for sustainability. Vintner’s Daughter, for example, has an entire page on their site dedicated to their commitment to sustainability.

2. Look for “Clean Beauty” sections in beauty stores or shop health food stores for your products

A lot of products that are good for environment can also be cost prohibitive. Take it from me, as someone who buys the finest organic ingredients for my skincare line, Aisling Rose Skincare, the ingredients are NOT cheap, which means in order to cover costs, I have to price it accordingly. The good news is, there are some options that don’t cost a lot for personal care- Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap as a body wash is one, Heritage Store Rose Water is another.

3. Say goodbye to having a Product Graveyard

Don’t give in to every trend you see on Instagram- use up your products before buying new ones! Otherwise, the products sit in the “product graveyard” under your bathroom sink, expiring and then being wasted.

4. Opt for environmentally friendly packaging

Purchase products that can easily be recycled or re-used- violet glass jars can be cleaned and re-used, wash out your glass candle jars to hold makeup and makeup brushes or delicate jewelry, and pay attention to how your products are manufactured and see if they can easily be recycled.

5. Recycle products the right way

Remove the label, wash the container (inside and out) before you toss in the recycling!

If you want to learn even more, there is a PHENOMENAL article from Teen Vogue here.

Looking forward to sharing more with you this month!

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, Ashli

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