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HAPPY 2021 Friends!!!!! We made it!!!! We survived 2020.

I have spent much of this past week (between Christmas and New Year’s) reflecting on what I’ve learned in 2020, what I want to learn this year, as well as what I hope to accomplish with my blog and my brand.

2020 has been a great reminder that we are all connected. That we need each other. That we depend on each other to do the right things- to make choices that reflect love and kindness- choices that impact the greater good of all, as well as for future generations.

As a Licensed Esthetician, skincare professional, beauty entrepreneur and holistic health expert, the current state of our beauty industry is NOT sustainable, a lot of it is unethical and a LOT of it is plain UGLY. We are dumping thousands of pounds of plastic waste into the oceans. Some of the chemicals in our sunscreens are killing the delicate microbiome of the sea. Some legacy beauty brands are giving funds to politicians who perpetuate systemic racism, white supremacy, and limit protections on and the rights of populations of human beings due to their race or sexual orientation. We have BIG companies that deliver goods almost instantaneously exploiting their vulnerable workers. (If you want to learn more, read my talented friend Jessica DeFino’s article here)

As a Licensed Esthetician who has worked with countless brands and constantly gets asked for my product recommendations to treat different skin conditions, and as a blogger who earns commissions on the products that I recommend, all of this had me ask myself: “What do I stand for?” I know what I stand for in my own skincare company, Aisling Rose Skincare, but what about all of the other brands? Do I hold them to the same standard? Do I recommend beauty products just because I like them and passively ignore the injustices and the damage of our planet that they perpetuate?? If I do that- what in the HELL am I doing? Who even am I?

What do I stand for??

I stand for protecting the planet and ALL of the living things on it.

I stand for protecting the environment, reducing waste, developing cleaner ways to create product, and banning ingredients that are proven carcinogens.

I stand for the ethical treatment of ALL humans and animals alike.

I stand for the principle that beauty standards that support white supremacy, perpetuate systemic racism and encourage appropriation of cultures need to be abolished.

I stand for the belief that it is our responsibility as consumers to make conscious choices that will not harm our planet or our people.

I stand for the belief that we are ALL, each of us, beautiful, and don’t need skincare or makeup to create that beauty. I believe that skincare is the icing on the cake and a pleasant way to care for oneself, but that we certainly do not need to adhere to the beauty standards we are constantly bombarded with in order to be beautiful.

The future of this blog will be sharing only the brands that I know are upholding these standards. I will use this blog and my IG platform as a way to educate more on this topic- to help you come to know which brands are moving towards a better tomorrow for ALL of us. I hope you will join me! Make sure you are signed up for my email list to get updates and newsletters every time I create a new blog post:


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