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Happy Saturday my beauties! I thought that for your weekend I would give you a step by step guide to give yourself an at-home facial treatment while you are staying home! Grab your favorite robe and fuzzy slippers and let the relaxation begin!

Step One: Cleanse

I recommend using a foaming cleanser to really thoroughly cleanse the skin and prep it for exfoliation. My favorite is the LHA Cleanser by SkinCeuticals because it does a little bit of exfoliation on its own!

Bonus points if you use a device like the Foreo Luna to help cleanse your skin!

Wash off the cleanser using an exfoliating cloth. My favorite is by Eve Lom- I’ve been using these to cleanse my face since I was 22!

Step Two: Exfoliate

For exfoliation, you can either do mechanical or chemical. I love one that does both. I apply it to my skin and leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then I massage it into the skin in a rolling motion to buff off those dead cells! My absolute ride or die exfoliant is the Triple Action Organic Scrub by Ultraluxe.

Step Three: Mask

This is the MOST fun and relaxing step. I’m obsessed with Angela Caglia’s Facial in a Mask sheet masks and I love to use her rose quartz tools over them to really help the ingredients to penetrate the skin! If you have time to lay down, put her Rose Quartz eye mask over your eyes- it’s divine!

Step Four: Toner

Don’t skip this step! You can spray a rosewater toner on your skin to hydrate and re-balance your skin’s pH (It also has aromatherapy benefits!) I’m coming out with a rosewater toner for my skincare line Aisling Rose Skincare (Launching June 2020!) But until then, here are a few of my favorites:

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Step Five: Hydrate and Protect

Okay, shameless self promotion here. Here is my beauty elixir balm to end the treatment and leave your skin glowing!!!

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, Ashli

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