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Happy Friday loves! And happy November! I’m so excited to share a device with you that I have recently tried and LOVE!

I want to introduce you to the NowMi Pro device. I’m sure you have heard of at-home facial cleansing devices on the market such as the Clairisonic, and the Foreo. The NowMi Pro, with technology developed in Israel by Dr. Zion Azar, is like nothing you’ve ever tried in sonic facial cleansing!

The device is made of silicone, similar to the Foreo, which I actually prefer because silicone is anti-microbial and very easy to keep clean. It dries rapidly as well, so it doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria. For cleansing, the device emits 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute for nightly deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin.

 The NowMi Pro device is actually multi-functional: it can be used for daily sonic facial skin cleansing, as well as for a weekly spa quality anti-aging oxygen treatment. The treatment has been clinically proven to increase facial skin smoothness for healthy, younger looking skin. The weekly treatment is the thing that has captured my attention most as an Esthetician!

How it works

One side of the device is used for cleansing, and the other side of the device is used for the weekly oxygenating treatment.

The front side for nightly cleansing

The back side of the device with the effervescent tablet inserted.

For the weekly oxygenating treatment, here’s where it gets fascinating. For the weekly treatment, you insert an effervescent tablet into the other side of the device. A lubricant gel (that comes with the device) is applied to the tablet, and then you turn the device on and massage the skin, tablet side. When the effervescent tablet comes into contact with the lubricant gel, a chemical reaction occurs. This creates a CO2 rich environment on the skin, known as the Bohr Effect. As a result, the body responds by sending oxygen infused blood to the area. By doing so, it creates a natural facial skin oxygenation effect from within the skin which helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals. The sonic energy further increases the oxygenation process- it degases the CO2 microbubbles which significantly boosts the skin oxygenation effect. You feel a tingling sensation while this happens, and the skin gets exfoliated, nourished (with the ingredients in the tablet), oxygenated and protected by the Vitamin C in the tablet.

After I used this device, my skin felt cleaner than it’s ever felt, and after the oxygenating treatment, it felt smooth and bright and absorbed my nighttime products to deeply hydrate my skin. In short? I’m OBSESSED. You have to try it and tell me what you think! I’m going to be adding it to my nightly and weekly regimen for SURE!

How to get yours: Click here

The NowMi Pro kit is now on sale ($199) and they also have an exclusive offer – everyone who buys the NowMi Pro get FREE OF CHARGE the NowMi Refill Kit (Value $99) for extra 12 weeks of vitamin C oxygen facial treatments.

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, Ashli

*Full disclosure* I was gifted a NowMi Pro device by the company for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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