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Happy Friday my loves! With the holiday season now upon us, I wanted to give you a very easy to use guide to downtime for all of your favorite pre-holiday beauty treatments! How long will it take your Botox to take effect before the office party, and can you get a laser treatment right before New Year’s Eve? I’ve got the scoop!

Treatment                                               Days/Weeks Before Event: (When to Do)

Facial (Basic-Exfoliation, Massage, Mask)                      a few days

Facial with Extractions                                                        2 weeks

Facial for Acne                                                                       2 weeks

BBL Laser Treatment                                                           2-4 weeks

Botox                                                                                        2-4 weeks

Micropeel (Dermaplaning with a Mild Peel)                   a few days

Retinol Peel or Deeper Resurfacing Peel                          2-4 weeks


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