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Happy November my beautiful loves! 

I had the privilege of being interviewed by my esteemed colleague and friend, Daniela Woerner, founder of AddoAesthetics. Daniela and I crossed paths for a brief time while she was the Director of Medical Aesthetics at Bella Santé- she was there a few years before me and I was there a few years after her, so we overlapped for a bit!

So much of what I know about medical aesthetics (prior to actually working in a clinic) is from her. She is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement, so I was honored when she asked me to be interviewed for her wonderful Podcast. It is all about how I balance being a Mom and being an Aesthetician. I hope you enjoy!

Listen to the Podcast




Hi I’m Daniela, and I’ve worked internationally as a spa consultant with multiple physician-dispensed skincare brands, as well as medical spas and dermatology practices, to provide insight into retail sales, patient experience, branding and positioning of products, and other advanced areas of business and management.

I’ve worked with physician-dispensed skincare brands to develop extensive training programs for aestheticians as well as provide insight from an aestheticians perspective on branding and positioning of new products. I’ve assisted in new product development and messaging meetings, in addition to speaking publicly at off site industry events and brand summits.

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel across the United States and Canada to provide trainings to med spas, specifically on methods of increasing retail and service sales through building patient trust, implementing best practices, and improving communication to simultaneously increase profits and improve the customer experience.



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