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Dear Ashli,

I’ve read that exfoliating is very good for the skin- how often should I exfoliate? I’m afraid to overdo it! Also, what should I use?


“Girl who wants that glow”

Hey girl!

I know just what you need to get your glow on! For most normal skin types, you should exfoliate no more than twice per week. (Mark it in your calendar so that you don’t over-do!) Side note: I actually keep a paper calendar in my bathroom of all of my beauty treatments and when I am due for the next (e.g. Botox, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Peels, Brow Waxing/Tinting, Hair appointments, etc.) 

I prefer chemical exfoliants to manual (think enzymes and acids vs. scrubs) I’m linking some of my favorites in the widget for you below! Enjoy your healthy glow!



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