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Happy Monday y’all! Today is my first day back to work from my maternity leave with Adaline! It’s perfect timing that for today’s post, I’m interviewing Dr. Stewart Collins, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Synergy Face & Body in Raleigh, NC (My workplace!)

Ashli: “Dr. Collins, you are obviously very passionate about your work. I have been fortunate enough to attend trainings with you, and I know that you love helping to restore patients’ self confidence. When you were becoming a surgeon, what made you decide to go into plastics?

Dr. Collins: “I decided to go into plastics because I love seeing the transformation that my patients make. Seeing patients come in for consults being unhappy and then seeing them return with self-confidence and happy with their appearance is such a satisfying feeling.”

SKB: “Do you have a favorite procedure to perform?”

DC: “One of my favorite procedures to perform is a breast augmentation. I love to see the confidence that women have after a breast augmentation. I also love how implants have made so many improvements and have such a wide selection for patients to choose from. I enjoy getting to help my patients out along the way deciding what implants would be best for them. Using VECTRA imaging is a great tool to give women an idea of how they will look post-op.”

SKB: “What has been one of your most rewarding moments as a plastic surgeon? (I’m sure you have many!!)”

DC: “One of my most rewarding moments was being able to help the patient out that was featured on The Doctors. Certain insurance companies no longer cover breast reductions for patients that desperately need them. Seeing the transformation the patient made, and now she has been able to go on and lose weight and increase her self-esteem. It was also a fun opportunity to be on The Doctors show.”

SKB: “One of the things I respect and admire the most about you is how down to earth and grounded you are in an industry where it is easy to get caught up in appearances and status and this ideal of perfection. What has kept you grounded and what advice would you have for patients considering plastic surgery for self improvement?”

DC: “Well thank you, I’d have to say my family helps keep me grounded. I love spending time with my wife and 4 children. My advice for patients considering plastic surgery would be to do their research and make sure that the physician is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. Don’t make a quick on the spot decision. Plastic surgery can be life changing for patients in a positive way when they do their research.”

Watch Dr. Collins on “The Doctors” below!

Breast Expert Dr. Collins on National TV

Dr. Collins is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Raleigh NC native. He graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He holds a Master of Science degree from N. C. State University and a medical degree from the Brody School of Medicine. Upon completion of medical school, Dr. Collins went on to train in General Surgery at the University of Virginia. While attending UVA, he became fascinated with the ability to improve someone’s self image through surgery and went on to complete a full plastic surgery fellowship at the Sutherland Institute at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City. In his last year at Kansas University, Dr. Collins trained under a world renowned staff and ran the Senior Fellow Cosmetic Clinic. Upon the completion of over 14 years of school and training, Dr. Collins moved back to his hometown of Raleigh, NC where he began his own private practice. He holds surgical privileges at all four Raleigh area hospitals.

He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife, Leslie, and their 4 children. He has taken medical mission trips to Kenya and works during the summer at Camp Sea Gull as a Camp Doctor. He has also worked extensively with Operation Smile.

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