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Happy Saturday!!! In today’s post, I am sharing the beauty secrets of Italian women from my most favorite Italian woman, Daniela. Daniela and I met working together at Bella Santé back in 2008. When I met her I was star struck! I had never known anyone so glamorous with such a fantastic fashion sense. I later found out that she was born to parents who immigrated here from Italy- it was no surprise to me that her aesthetic was influenced by a country with some of the most beautiful women in the world! Today she is sharing her point of view! 

Daniela at her mother’s clothing boutique!
Daniela and her beautiful Mom, Nicolina Sabatini

Ashli: “So, having been born Italian and raised in the USA, what do you think are the biggest differences between Italian and American beauty?”

Daniela: Italian women are very feminine- they own their femininity.  I feel like American beauty is rooted in an all natural California blond type, like Christie Brinkley.  As a little girl I remember going to the beach in Italy, and I would see all these women in bikinis and accessorized with beautiful gold jewelry.  Another thing, Italian women have always embraced their bodies.  I think that is just starting to happen here.

SKB: Do you have any family beauty secrets from the women in your family?

DZ: Olive Oil!!!  It is good for everything.  Hair, skin, nails.

SKB: Are there any product lines form Italy that you love?

DZ: I have always loved Acqua de Parma.  The first time I smelled it was when my mom and I went to Henri Bendel.  She told me she had first fallen in love with the  fragrances as a young girl in Rome.  Their scents are so timeless.

My favorite Italian makeup brand is Trucco.  You have probably heard of it because it is sold in this country.  However in Italy in the farmacia (pharmacy) Trucco also sells skincare, it is amazing.  When I go to Italy I always make sure I go to the farmacia. I have searched all over the internet for Trucco skincare in this country and I can’t find it!

SKB: What is your skincare philosophy?

DZ: My skin routine at night begins with me washing my face, I never ever skip this step.  I struggled with acne when I was in my early twenties.  Several times a week I use my Clarisonic.  Next, I tone.  I follow with a serum, usually a retinol.  This helps with my pore size and fine lines and wrinkles.  The nights I don’t use a retinol I use a Vitamin C serum.  I really notice a difference in the brightness of my complexion.  I follow with an evening moisturizer,  in the winter a facial oil.  Then eye cream.  About a year ago a started using a lash conditioner and wow!  What a difference it has made in the length of my lashes.

My morning routine is much simpler.  I splash some water on my face, then tone.  I follow with moisturizer and SPF.  Twice a week I exfoliate.

SKB: How do Italian women approach aging as a rule?

DZ: Italian women definitely have a different approach to aging.  They embrace it more than we do.  We are obsessed as a culture with youth.  My mother has set a wonderful example for me.  She is in her 60’s and very young at heart and youthful.  She gets facials and takes care of her skin, but that is it, she is not interested in a medical intervention.


Daniela has been a Licensed Aesthetician for 13 years, and her facials are exquisite! She has twin boys and lives in the suburbs of Boston. You can find her at Bella Santé! 


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