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Hey y’all! TGIF and happy Memorial Day weekend! If you are headed to the beach or are going to some backyard BBQ’s please don’t forget your SPF! Re-apply every two hours!

Today I am talking about a really hot trend in skincare, rollers! Some are made from Jade and some are made from Rose Quartz. Are they worth the hype? How do you use them? I’m giving you the full scoop here!


  • Assists in lymphatic drainage, which in turn de-puffs the face
  • When rolled over the skin after being placed in the freezer, it helps to calm the skin after peels and other deeply exfoliating treatments
  • Improves skin tone by increasing blood circulation
  • Helps products to penetrate when used in conjunction with them

How to use:

Roll very gently in an outward motion (from the middle of your face towards your ears) and down your neck to drain lymph into where the cervical lymph nodes terminate (see diagram)

To de-puff under and around the eyes, place the roller in the fridge for 30 minutes, then place the stone gently on top of the eyes and under the eyes.

It’s very important to remember to roll gently. Lymphatic drainage requires pressure no stronger than 1 gram on the skin’s surface (about the weight of a nickel) The pressure is very light!

Here is the diagram that came with my roller:

How often to clean:

Rinse with soap and water and dry thoroughly after each use- store where the roller can get air such as on a countertop by the sink or placed in a jar like a toothbrush.


Where to get one:

Herbivore Botanicals makes a good one at a great price point, as does Angela Caglia Skincare. The one pictured here I found on Amazon, from China!

Do they live up to the hype?

Since purchasing mine, I have used it twice per day and I have noticed a difference! My jawline looks more defined (not just from postpartum weight loss!) and my skin looks brighter and more toned. I would give this a go if you enjoy skincare rituals and you are looking for something to enhance your routine!

Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Ashli


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