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Hi Ashli!

What is the best basic regimen for daily skincare? How many steps should I be doing? Also- in what order should I apply products to my skin?

Sincerely yours,

Lost in a Sea of Products

Hi Miss Lost!

These are some GREAT questions.

A basic, bare bones regimen should consist of your cleansing, toning, hydrating and protecting your skin. A simple AM regimen would be (in order of application):

Cleanse- with either a swipe of toner or a gentle, milky cleanser (unless you are sweating at the gym!) Also just cleansing with water in the morning is fine too!

Hydrate-Moisturizing with a product that is appropriate for your skin type (choose something indicated for oily, combination, dry, or mature skin)

Protect-With SPF of course! An SPF of at least 30, 365 days a year!

An evening regimen would consist of a more thorough cleansing (often using a gel cleanser- something that will actually remove excess oil, dirt and debris from the day as well as lightly exfoliate), and then Hydrating your skin with an appropriate moisturizer.

Now, if you want to add serums to your regimen for protection and correction, I would add an Antioxidant serum in the morning after cleansing (underneath your moisturizer). This would mean a Vitamin C serum such as Supreme Serum by Phyto-C or CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals.

In the evening, a corrective serum for whatever your skin’s condition is- for example, Retinol for acne, a Hydraquinone or brightener for sunspots and melasma, or a Hydrating booster for excessively dry skin. The serum would be applied under your moisturizer.

As far as what order to apply products, you always want to apply thinnest to thickest.

Having multiple steps in your regime does not necessarily guarantee that you are using the right products for your skin or giving it what it needs. See a qualified Licensed Aesthetician to have your skin type analyzed and to discuss your skincare goals with her- she can point you in the right direction as to what would work best for your skin. She can also tell you the correct order for the products she is recommending for you!

I hope this helps!!!

Love, Ashli

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Ashli



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