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Hey y’all! It’s just about time for Baby Adaleine to arrive and I wanted to share some of my must-have products that I pack in my hospital bag for postpartum self care. 

If you’ve had a baby before, you know there is nothing like that first shower after you deliver. I make sure that I bring things for the shower that give me a sensory experience, which is also a far cry from being in the sterile hospital room! 

  1. A Massage oil/Composition Oil– I pack this for during labor and I use it to moisturize my skin afterwards. It contains soothing essential oils that smell heavenly and also help to calm the senses. It comes in handy for a nice shoulder rub during labor- I know that once I get my epidural and I am laying on my side it can get uncomfortable not being able to move. Also, I shivered SO badly in the OR with my C-section that my shoulders were in absolute knots afterwards! Even though my hubby isn’t a massage therapist it doesn’t matter- anything helps!
  2. A fragrant shampoo, conditioner and body wash– As I said before, the hospital room is sterile. Typically when I choose my shampoo and conditioners and skin cleansers I go for performance over fragrance, but not while I’m in the hospital! I picked up travel sized shampoo and conditioner and body wash from Aveda because I absolutely love their scents and it’s not too perfume-y. I also try and pick something I don’t have in my shower at home so I will always associate the scent with that ridiculously special time of bonding with the new baby those first few days!
  3. Robes of Different Weights– I bring a fluffy and warm robe with me for after the shower that is so soft and cozy and is also great when snuggling the new baby. I also bring a lightweight robe for those first family photographs the next day. When Everly was born I had brought yoga pants and a black nursing top- I look back at the photos and I feel like it made me look so sad to be all in black! (I’m sure some of it had to do with having just had an emergency C section!) So this time I brought a pale blue robe. I can’t WAIT to see the girls’ reactions when they meet Della for the first time!
  4. All of my skincare essentialsWith Everly, I couldn’t shower for the first 24 hours due to the surgery. When I first was able to get out of bed and walk, just walking to the bathroom and doing my skincare routine made me feel like a million dollars. I didn’t wear any makeup and I didn’t want to- my skin felt so dry from the labor and surgery! It was so great to have all of my essentials with me!
  5. Button down PJ’s and comfy jogger pants- I like to feel as comfortable as possible while away from home and these things make me feel great! Button down PJ’s allow for nursing and incision checks and even some spontaneous skin to skin!
  6. My Belly Bandits! With Isla’s delivery, I wore my Belly Bandit immediately after that first shower and I wore it for 8 weeks straight! I can’t even tell you what a huge difference it makes and I think every woman should have one! With Everly, I had an incision and so I could only tolerate the bandit on for a certain number of hours during the day. I also had to wear it just above the incision as opposed to around my whole belly. Adding to that is that they check your incision very often while you are in the hospital and it was kind of a pain to get everything sucked in only to have to un-do it all each time. Once I had healed a little more I was able to wear it consistently enough to notice a result. I also bought it in two sizes- one in a size down as my waist shrinks! I wear the larger one around my hips on top of the smaller bandit and it makes a big difference!
  7. iPad, iPhone, Headphones and Chargers I know that the hospital has TV but sometimes it’s really nice to hook up to Netflix and watch a favorite movie or show. I know that this is something I did with Isla so she could spend a little time snuggling with me when I couldn’t get out of the hospital bed after Everly’s birth!

What are some of your hospital bag must-haves? Drop me a message in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Ashli

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