Hi y’all! Baby Adaleine is going to be here SO soon! Thank you for your patience on the less frequent blog posts as we nest and prepare for her arrival!  As promised, here is part 2 of Life During Residency! What Makes Residency Challenging The long hours and the scheduling unpredictability There are a few thing that made Intern Year (the first year) and the following years challenging. The first is adjusting to the new schedule. Interns and Residents alike work a LOT of hours. There have recently been regulations put into place to not over-work medical trainees, but it’s still a lot! Tony worked an average ofRead More →

TGIF y’all! Thank you for your patience while I took two weeks off from blogging! It was a much needed time-out and I took time off from social media too! Once in a while I think that’s important! Today’s post is Part One, all about life as a Resident’s wife, and I’m also entitling it “Make it Work” You KNOW I would never lie to you… residency is REALLY hard. Read on.  Match Day: The Big Day Before Residency Begins I really need to start with the match, before residency even begins, because this is a crucial and pivotal time for both your SO’s career as well as forRead More →