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Dear Ashli,

Do you have any suggestions for “skin emergencies” around the holidays? Like big pimples, or waking up with bags under your eyes right before you have to see family (or be in photos!!)? Thank you SO much!

Sincerely yours,

SkinEmergency Sally

Hi Sally!

I definitely have some tricks up my sleeve for you in the event that you experience one of these potential picture ruining moments!

If you wake up with a big pimple:

First thing in the morning when you shower, press a warm cloth on it for at least one minute. The steam in the shower will help as well to soften the sebum. After the shower, if the pimple has come to a head (meaning you can see white at its surface) you can GENTLY press your fingers beside it and roll back and forth in a rolling motion for a proper extraction. (NO squeezing, NO fingernails and NO other tools!) To dry it out after, I recommend either a Sulfur lotion or a spot treatment with Salicylic acid, precision applied with a Q-tip. If you are traveling and you do not have any on hand, isopropyl alcohol will do just fine. Cover it up with makeup (a heavier BB cream will work very well) and leave it alone for the rest of the day (try not to pick!).

If you wake up with bags under your eyes and you don’t have access to eye patches– fear not! Put your eye cream in the freezer for just a few minutes. When you take it out, apply the eye cream in this motion to de-puff the eye area:

Like my rendering? Looks like something you would see inside the walls of a pyramid! HA!


With your ring finger, follow the patten around the eye as follows- First you draw the Boat (straight line going from the inner to the outer corner of the eye above and below), Then the Waves, underneath the eye from the inner to the outer corner, and lastly, the Sun, lines drawing downward working from the inner corner to the outer below the eye.

Wishing you and your family the most wonderful holidays and no skincare emergencies!



Thanks for stopping by! XO, Ashli

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