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Emily Horwitz and Kelly Gibbs, both RN’s and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists (You will be hearing from Emily in a later post!)
Kelly Gibbs, RN, CANS, BSN

Happy Monday y’all! In today’s post I have had the pleasure of talking to Kelly Gibbs, a Master Nurse Injector, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and Allergan Trainer all about Kybella!

Ashli: Kelly! Thank you so much for letting me interview you on Kybella! Can you tell us- what is Kybella?”

Kelly: Kybella is pure Deoxycholic acid. It’s an enzyme that is produced in your bile. So for example, if you ate a french fry, that french fry would stimulate your bile to produce deoxycholic acid to melt the fat in that french fry. So, scientists with Allergan just created pure liquid deoxycholic acid that is injectable and it destroys the fat molecule on contact. It melts the fat wherever it is injected and it has precision fat melting capabilities.”

SKB: “What areas can be treated with Kybella?”

KGRN:  “So, I can do the buccal fat pad coming off of the corner of the oral commissures (where the crease of the lips meet on each side). It can melt that, it can melt the jowl, the submental fat area directly underneath the chin as well as the jawline- we are able to cut in and chisel out the jawline! I can also do what I call “chicken nuggets”- that little bra fat in the front between your decoletté and your shoulder- it’s great for that area. That’s an area when you are wearing a strapless dress or a sleeveless dress that can kind of poke out and look unsightly so that’s a really great area. Also, the bra fat behind as well is a great area as long as it’s not too big. If someone has a lot of visceral fat, Kybella is probably not going to be your best line of defense- you would probably be better off doing lipo for larger areas such as the abdomen and flanks. I’ve gotten great results with just small little areas. A typical treatment area is about the size of the palm of a woman’s hand. That area is about 20 injection spots. There are 5 injections per CC and 2 CC’s per vial. A treatment is two vials, which is 4 CC’s, or 20 injection spots. The areas are only done 1cm apart. If done properly and with precision it works perfectly every time.”

SKB: “What are some advantages to Kybella over other fat reduction methods such as CoolSculpting?”

KGRN: “So, one of the things I love about Kybella is that the destruction of those fat molecules causes quite a ruckus in the skin- inflammation. That inflammation is how the skin is going to retract afterwards. So, the bigger the swell, the better the result! I always tell my patients, ‘Embrace the swell!’ I get excited when my patients come in and they say ‘You would have loved it! The next day I looked like a pelican that feasted on fish all day!’ [Laughter], But that’s what I want you to look like. That big swell only lasts for about 4 days and then it goes back to baseline.”

SKB: “How many treatments does it take to get the full result?”

KGRN: “Everyone needs 2 to 4 treatments, and they are done 8 weeks apart.”

SKB: “Is it painful?

KGRN: As far as pain goes- it feels a little spicy. I’m Italian so I tend to explain things in terms of food. [Laughter] It’s a little spicy I will say that. But that spice only lasts for about 3 minutes and then it’s done- easy! For pain relief we flash freeze the skin with ice just before the treatment. The needle is only 32 gauge and a half inch- it’s actually smaller in diameter than an insulin needle. The injection doesn’t hurt at all actually- it’s the deoxycholic acid, that medicine when it’s going in that has that spice but it’s very brief.”

SKB: “How long is the downtime?”

KGRN: It’s about four days- but each subsequent treatment you won’t swell as much because you won’t have as much fat. You always have more fat the first go-round.”

SKB: “Also this is a treatment that is really appropriate for men too isn’t that correct?”

KGRN: I have a lot of male patients that have to wear a suit and tie, and how uncomfortable is it to have to button up a shirt and then put a tie on and then that submental fullness folds over it. It’s just not attractive nor is it probably very comfortable. It works and it’s pretty much guaranteed with the right expectation of doing 2-4 treatments 8 weeks apart it truly works.”

SKB: So how long total does it take to see your full result?”

KGRN: “Total time if you are doing it every 2 months would be between 6 and 8 months.”

SKB: “Is there any risk for an allergic reaction to this injectable?”

KGRN: “Because it is a natural derived product that your body makes on its own there is no risk of an allergy.”

SKB: “How long does this fat reduction last for? What is someone gains weight after they go through a course of treatment?”

KGRN: The fat loss from Kybella is PERMANENT! I’ve personally seen that even if someone gains weight the results still show.”

SKB: “Wow that is amazing! What else can someone expect to experience post treatment?”

KGRN: Bruising, swelling, numbness, the formation of hard nodules (which quickly resolve), and tenderness at the injection site.”

SKB: “Who would not be a candidate for Kybella?’

KGRN: Someone who is pregnant or nursing; Anybody with an infection in the area to be injected; No one under the age of 18.”

SKB: “How much fat does someone have to have in order to receive this treatment?”

KGRN: “If you can pinch it, you can cinch it!” Also, the great thing about doing Kybella this time of year is that there are scarves and turtlenecks so you can get that first big swell over with!” [Laughter]

SKB: “Yay for Kybella! Kelly, thank you so, so much again for sharing this with us today!”

KGRN: It is my pleasure!!”

Here are some real results, photos provided by Allergan:

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J. Kelly Gibbs RN, BSN, CANS, Allergan Medical Institute Faculty,

National Allergan Injector Trainer, Advanced Injector

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