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TGIF!! Now, this may be poor timing of this post if you indulged in some pumpkin pie yesterday (Sorry!!), but going into the holiday season I would like to talk about the effects of consuming sugar on the skin. You may have heard about this in the media or on social, as there is a buzz around everything nutrition nowadays. Here are the facts you need to know (and why I avoid processed sugar almost always!)


This is what actually happens to the skin when glucose is floating around without protein or carbs to bind to! As glucose moves through your bloodstream in abundance (which also includes all of the capillaries in your skin and the extra cellular matrix!), they create what are called “Advanced Glycation End-Products” or “AGE’s”. Like the pneumonic, they DO age you! These AGE’s form a sticky substance, creating tiny ladders within the collagen fibers in the skin. These “ladders” can actually become so entangled, much like a spider web, that they pull down on the skin under the surface, causing fine lines and wrinkles. The more sugar you consume without protein to bind to, the more glucose you have just floating around! As we age, the glucose is processed much more slowly, which is another reason to limit sugar and certainly limit sugar spikes in your diet! Not to mention you will feel better! There is a great study on AGE’s and the skin here. There’s also a great post about sugar spikes and the skin from The Wellness Works in the UK here.”

Taken from “The Wellness Works UK” website (see link above)

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