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Happy Saturday! Welcome to Part Two of my healing journey- I am going to share with you what I did, how I healed, and how my life is changed to this day!

My Healing Path

For my follow up with Dr. Y, we went over all of the test results I mentioned yesterday. It was time for me to completely change my lifestyle, habits, diet, and approach to life.

Some of the different foods I tested sensitive to were; Blueberry, Black Pepper, Black Tea, Coffee, Clams, Cow’s Milk, Brewer’s Yeast and Baker’s Yeast, Asparagus, Barley Malt to name a few. This was going to mean some MAJOR changes to my regular diet of toast, coffee, pizza and cheese- not to mention processed sugar, which FEEDS candida!

For the next 3 months, this was the plan. I began a 4 Day Rotation Diet prepared for me by the company that tested me for sensitivities. The foods that were biologically similar were grouped together for each day, and those were the foods I could choose from on that day. I could never repeat the same food until Day 5.  This was to allow my body a chance to slowly process each food and not have any reactions build up in my system. This was giving my immune system a huge rest (although it did get expensive and required a lot of preparation for meals- it was beyond worth it). I was also no longer allowed to consume sugar of any kind, as this feeds the yeast in the gut. I came off of the Zyrtec. I was also put on high concentrations of EPA DHA from salt water fish (not high in mercury of course),  a probiotic that required refrigeration, a CoQ10 chewable supplement, a digestive enzymes supplement to be taken with a meal in which a protein, vegetable and a carb was eaten, as well as two anti-candida supplements- one of Oregano and one of Berberine. Tony still teases me to this day that it’s all voodoo and that I would have consumed “Tail of newt and eye of salamander” if she had told me to. And the truth is- I would have! Because HOLY MOLY.

You are never going to believe what happened. (But it did!)

The first week was torturous. I felt sick to my stomach all the time as well as like I had the flu. She warned me that this was called “The die off” in which the candida in my gut would die and leave my digestive tract feeling quite uneasy as it passed through. I had headaches but no migraines. I stuck to it. I rotated my foods faithfully and did not repeat a food until the 5 day mark until after my 3 month follow up.

After 3 weeks, I dropped 5 pounds. My body and my face LOOKED different. I always used to complain that I was thin but that I had no definition in my arms and legs even though I was also very toned and strong. I always felt like my body looked “puffy”- especially my face, if that makes any sense. I will show you with a photo.

This was me at age 22 before my treatment. I had rosacea which resolved almost entirely after my healing.


Suddenly the muscles in my arms and legs and especially my abs were visible underneath my skin. My face became narrower and my features were well defined. My nose completely changed- from having a round, bulbous tip to having a pointy tip almost overnight. My skin cleared up- before I saw Dr. Y I was on Proactiv for acne! GASP! The whites of my eyes were so bright and clear. My digestion completely changed and my metabolism became extremely efficient. When I was full, I truly felt full and when I was hungry I truly felt my stomach empty, whereas before I had a constant feeling of gurgling and digestion happening in my stomach. My energy levels skyrocketed during the day- I experienced waves of bliss and happiness that I had never experienced before (and if you’ve ever met me in person that’s saying a LOT!) I slept like a log at night-deeply and at peace and I awoke feeling well rested and happy to start the day. And my migraines? Vanished.


To this day, unless I eat something that is on my reaction list, they never happen. Something that impacted and impeded my life so profoundly, completely resolved. Within 3 months. It was a miracle. And I had done it. With guidance and the help of this brilliant physician, I led myself to my deep and lasting healing.

To this day I rarely consume processed sugar, I avoid the foods on my sensitivity list, although I do not rotate my foods as strictly. (It’s not sustainable as a permanent lifestyle- although I do make sure I eat a very varied diet and not the same thing every day). My diet is very basic, many would call it paleo- Meat, plenty of raw, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy oils and fats, nuts, little to no sugar. I still eat corn chips (Blue chips to be more specific) with salsa or fresh guacamole, and I absolutely LOVE the way fresh, unprocessed organic food makes me feel inside and how it makes me look on the outside. If I dine out sometimes I order french fries or have a few bites of dark chocolate cake if there is a celebration, but it’s not a regular part of my life. It’s never punitive- eating well has been my lifeline.

We are born and blessed with beautiful bodies to carry us through this life. We love and nurture our families and the people we choose to love with them. We do our sacred work with them. We vibrate with energy. When our vibration is high, we raise the vibration of the planet. All of this may sound woo-woo, but I believe in it. With every fiber of my being.

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Ashli


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy that you are well. This is eye opening. My husband isn’t a medical doctor and thinks I’m crazy because I talk about this all the time. It’s not “woo woo”.
    I’m with you sister!
    You’re helping so many people!


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