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Dear Ashli,

I love your blog posts! I’m a senior in undergrad and just applied for medical school, so I love seeing all the different types of jobs involved with medicine and particularly with the skin! I have a question about my own skin!

I live in a very humid climate (around 80% or higher most of the time) and the skin around my nose is extremely dry. The dryness extends to underneath my eyes. Nothing seems to help! It peels off in flakes. šŸ™

What kind of cleanser/moisturizer combo do you recommend?

I’m a college kid with a tight budget so I’ve been using drugstore face washes most recently! In the past 6 months though, I’ve used the 3 step Clinique wash, toner, and moisturizer. I ran out of the toner and wash around July and tried CeraVe foaming wash. It made my skin SO dry. I replaced that with cetaphil and I have been using it for about a week now. So.. currently, my AM routine is to wash with cetaphil and use the CeraVe 30 spf face moisturizer after. Then I apply makeup!

At night I use a makeup remover wipe (neutrogena brand) and usually rinse with cold water but rarely full on wash again. I usually apply the Clinique moisturizer after and a topical acne gel on spots around my chin.

I like using products from one brand, so if you have a good line of products in mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I can’t deny a good holy grail product from a random brand either, though.

There’s not much redness associated with the flaky skin. Just super dry!

Thanks so much for getting back with me! I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!


Med School Bound Beauty

Dear Med School Bound Beauty,

Okay!!!! I know EXACTLY what the problem is!!!

In the AM, cleansing with Cetaphil is totally fine. However, in the PM, a thorough and proper cleansing with a gel cleanser (one that foams up) and a wash cloth to really remove excess oil, dirt, debris as well as a light exfoliation of the top layer of skin is a must! No makeup wipes- as these can leave a residue on the skin and that may be the culprit for the peeling around your nose!
Another thing- a separate moisturizer from your SPF is important. The molecules of SPF are very heavy, and they usually compete with the hydrating molecules in a moisturizer (and they always win!) SO you will get the SPF but not the moisture!
Clinique brand is totally fine- you aren’t in the aggressive anti-aging category yet so you don’t really need products with a lot of active ingredients. For the money though, I would say if there’s anything to invest in it would be a good twice weekly exfoliant, which will help to slough off those dead skin cells around the nose that keep flaking. Here’s my favorite nighttime cleanser and my favorite exfoliant for you:
I hope this helps! Let me know what happens when you switch your routine in this way!
XO Ashli


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