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TGIF! We’re back today with Dr. Shari Marchbein, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology talking all about female adult acne!

Ashli: “What are some of the causes of acne in adult females?”

Dr. Marchbein: “So, there are four main causes of acne, and this is whether you are a teenager or a 40 year old woman. The first is bacteria on the skin, called p.acnes (or, propionibacterium acnes) that contributes to acne. Then, there is local hormone production (as well as systemic hormones) that bind to the oil glands. Third, there is clogging of the pores, and lastly, there’s inflammation. All four of those factors contribute, and the medications that we use target all four of those things. Retin-A helps with unclogging the pores as well as with the inflammation, the topical antibiotics help with inflammation as well as the bacteria and spironolactone helps with the hormones. We have to treat the acne in multiple steps for the multiple factors that cause them, and as I mentioned earlier, we are managing the factors as there is no cure for the causes. We are so lucky because there are a lot of new topicals coming out that will be very effective in treating acne and it gives the patients and myself a lot of options if we need to revisit the treatment plan. Frequent follow-up is very important so that we can check in and see how your skin is responding to the treatment every month.”

SKB: “That is so great. So life changing for so many patients!”

DM: “Yes! And also there is a new over-the-counter topical Retinoid called Differin. It’s a more mild form of the prescription Differin so it is a .1% as opposed to .3% for the prescription. It’s a really great gentle retinoid and for someone who maybe isn’t ready to see a Dermatologist they can start with that because it’s an affordable, over the counter option. Your dermatologist will work with you to help make your treatment plan affordable for you.”

SKB: “That is so encouraging to hear because I think a lot of people think to themselves, “My insurance probably won’t cover this… it’s going to be too expensive… I’m just stuck with this acne…” when that isn’t truly the case, and then they go out and buy Proactiv which doesn’t truly help the condition…”

DM: “Right!! And again, they’re going to spend a small fortune at Sephora on all of these over the counter medicines, and your insurance can cover some of these topicals or we can utilize coupons from the pharmaceutical companies to make these topicals more affordable for you. Also, most of them come in large enough sizes to last at least three months! We really want to advocate for our patients and do everything possible to make sure that they get what they need for treatment.”

SKB: “Your patients are SO incredibly lucky to have you and I am also so lucky to connect with you on this important topic!”

DM: “Ashli you are such a doll and I have no idea how you have time to do this blog and work and be a Mom! You are amazing!”

SKB: “You are the supermom! Your family, your patients and I are so very blessed to know you!”

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! XO


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