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TGIF!!! Today I am answering your burning questions about a career in Aesthetics/Medical Aesthetics!

Q.Do you have to go to school for Esthetics? For how long? What “title” do you have after this?

A. Like any specialized skill or training, you do have to go to school and study Aesthetics. Programs can range from 200-1000 hours depending upon your state and their requirements for licensure. This can take between 2-12 months to complete depending upon your class schedule. After you graduate you take your state board exam (in most states) which is written as well as practical (you perform a facial, waxing, and a makeup application demonstrating your knowledge and proficiency in the field). If you pass you receive your license and you are a “Licensed Aesthetician”.

Q.How many hours do you work per week? I’ve heard that it’s very “flexible” and you can move appointmentsĀ around based on your schedule and your time.

A. In this industry, 30 hours is considered full time. I work 32 hours distributed over 5 days. If you work for yourself you can book appointments whenever it is most convenient for you. If you work at a spa you work set shifts that you and your employer agree upon and your clients will count on you to be there during those times.

Q.What’s the difference between Aesthetics and Medical Aesthetics?

A. In Aesthetics, we treat the skin, perform facials, waxing, light chemical peels and all treatments that fall under the scope of our license. In Medical Aesthetics, the Aesthetician performs treatments under her scope as well as the scope of the physician running the medical spa above her. These treatments include (but are not limited to) Medical Microneedling, Laser, Dermaplaning and Deep Peels as well as Ultherapy, CoolSculpting and the use of other medical aesthetic devices.

Q.Can you perform cosmetic injections?

A. No. In almost all states, in order to perform cosmetic injections (such as Botox and filler) you must be a Registered Nurse or higher (NP, PA-C, MD)

Q.How much can you earn as an Aesthetician? A Medical Aesthetician?

A. This depends upon a lot of factors. In both the fields of Aesthetics and Medical Aesthetics, if you work full time and your book is full, and your patients purchase home care from you, you can earn between $70-100K per year (and up!) It also depends on your state, how full your book is, your commission rate on services rendered as well as on sales. You really can make whatever you want if you are willing to stay consistent in your practice. Aestheticians who specialize in different areas (such as waxing, or facials only) can find their own niche market and do quite well, particularly if they work for themselves. It’s all about investing your time, heart and sweat equity into what you give to your clients and patients. Typically there is no set salary and earnings are based on commissions on services rendered, product sales and tips. For medical procedures, most offices do not allow tips to be received, as this is considered “fee splitting” and is illegal in most states. There truly is no limit as to how much you can earn. If you are new to a practice or starting off on your own, building your book to a consistent flow of clients/patients can take up to 3 years. Once you get there- you’re golden! Imagine doing something fun, that you enjoy, that makes others happy, and you get paid well to do it! It truly is an honor to be in this profession!

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  1. I’ve always wondered about how the duties were split in a spa/med spa. Thank you for the explanation!

  2. Hey Ashli! Happy Friday Gorg! I have a question about lip injections/lip fillers, I have been researching the procedure and I think I want to get them. What are your thoughts? I’d like your expert opinion on whether you think they are worth it or not? I have tried lip plumper cosmetics but I want a more permanent solution and not something I have to continuously reapply. Would you happen to know the estimated cost? I know the prices can range and you can go to a plastic surgeon office for a consultation. I just wanted your professional advice/opinion.

    Thank You!

    1. Author

      I LOVE lip fillers! When done by an expert injector, no one will know that you have had an enhancement! You can go anywhere from a subtle enhancement in which your lips look more hydrated and slightly more plump all the way to mega volume a la Kylie Jenner. The cost of each filler product varies, and it also depends on how many syringes you get. I had Volbella with a total of 3 syringes. Any plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s office should offer a free consultation and they can quote you an exact price based on what results you are looking for. Typically prices range from $650-$2000, with the higher prices reflecting more filler being used. I hope this helps! I’m going to write a post all about lip injections in the future! XO Ashli

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