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Happy Tuesday y’all! Today I am sharing some very basic regimens for the most common skin types- Normal, Combination and Acne so that you can feel confident on campus this year!

If your skin is…

Normal, Combination

In the AM

If you live in a cold climate, you can skip cleansing and just use a swipe of toner. If you live in a warm climate, use a gentle cleanser followed by a toner.

Use a moisturizer for your skin type (normal or combination), followed by a separate SPF

In the PM

Cleanse thoroughly using a gel cleanser, followed by a toner

Use a moisturizer for your skin type

Exfoliate 2-3 times per week using an enzyme or resurfacing pads to help keep your glow!

I really like the Avene line for normal and combination skin! The TriAcneal line is great for magnifying if you have excess oil.

If you suffer from Acne

In the AM

Use a foaming cleanser. I love a good anti-bac cleanser which contains salicylic acid. Follow with toner and then a light moisturizer such as a Polypeptide Gel, and a separate sunscreen

In the PM

Cleanse with a Glycolic Wash

Alternate between Resurfacing Pads and Retinol Pads, followed by a Polypeptide Gel.

You can also apply a sulfur lotion to any painful pimples or cysts to help dry it out!


The Synergy Line is custom formulated for the Medical Spa where I practice by Young Pharmaceuticals. Foaming Glycolic Wash by NeoStrata and UV Clear from Elta MD


Keep in mind that if you are living in a different climate for the very first time, your skin may take some time to adjust to the new environment. It may respond by breakouts, being oilier than usual or dryer than usual. Be patient and allow for at least 3 months for your skin to adjust.

Make sure that you change your pillowcase- use it on one side, the second night flip it and the third night change it all together!

If you don’t wash your hair every day make sure it is tied back so that it isn’t touching your face while you sleep.

Use a drop of Purell and a tissue to clean off your smartphone screen at the end of each day (and try not to hold it to your face- speakerphone can be your best friend!)

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Ashli



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