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TGIF!!! Today I’m going to talk about different peels for anti-aging! 

Why Peels for anti-aging?

Building upon what I said yesterday– the body is exceptional at efficiency and energy conservation. If you imagine your skin as bricks and mortar, the basal layer (or the bottom layer) establishes a pattern as the skin cells are born and layered on top of one another. As we age, this process slows down significantly and we also lose our natural Collagen and Elastin cells. A peel helps to increase cell turnover rate, and, if the peel is deep enough to be registered as a controlled wound to the skin, can increase collagen production. Another important thing to note is with a peel, the skin’s top layers are literally “eaten” away by the enzyme or chemical agent used to peel, and therefore it is open and exposed. Any products applied that encourage cell proliferation such as Growth Factors, can be delivered to the epidermis more effectively.

Different peels for anti-aging

Lactic AcidThis type of peeling agent is derived from milk, and is usually combined with another peeling agent such as glycolic acid. It is the most gentle of exfoliants, yet is still very beneficial for anti-aging as it decreases the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as increases cell turnover rate.

Glycolic Acid Also known as an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (or AHA), glycolic acid promotes exfoliation which increases cell turnover, smooths the skin’s surface while also having a plumping affect on the dermal matrix. Glycolic peels can come in different strengths, ranging from 15% to 70% (in the U.S. anything over 30% requires administration under a physician)It is usually combined with a Mandelic acid– another AHA acid derived from bitter almonds.

What to Expect

Your Licensed Aesthetician, RN, NP, Dermatologist or PA-C who will be performing the peel will help you to determine your candidacy, which peel would be most effective, and a treatment plan for future peels. They will also prep you as to what to expect discomfort wise. Most patients on a scale or 1 to 10 (1 being nothing and 10 being “get this off my face NOW!) experience lighter peels as a 3-5 and medium peels as described above no higher than a 7 or 8). Usually a fan is provided and the peel is neutralized in a short amount of time (usually under 5 minutes). They will advise you in your post peel care regimen and also on what to expect as far as down time (the time it takes for your skin to recover, heal, and see your results!)

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