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Hey y’all! TGIF! I have a special guest today! While studying at The Boston Conservatory, I had the privilege of becoming friends with a bright, plucky, fabulous gal from Connecticut who was studying Writing, Literature and Publishing at Emerson. Her name is Emily Edwards (neé Steers- she just got married!), and she also has a fantastic blog called “Yankee Smartass“. She has written her first book, Collecting the Constellations, and it inspired this post!

Reading for Pleasure as Self-Care

We all need things to stimulate each aspects of ourselves in order to be whole and balanced. We need exercise and healthy food for our physical bodies, we need laughter and beauty for our souls, and our minds crave intellectual stimulation to help us hold our enchantment and curiosity for life. In my opinion, enchantment is the fountain of youth. If the world, and those within it, can be a source of wonder and excitement, then the mind is always fresh and new and ready for the next adventure with joy.

There is nothing on Earth that feeds my mind, body and spirit more than reading for pleasure. You will find my Audible queue is filled with spiritual topics, psychology and childhood development. I call my commute to work my life classroom, as it is a great time in which I am alone and open to receiving this knowledge. But just as there is a time to learn, there is also a time to relax and escape. That’s where reading for pleasure comes in for me. A great story- one that pulls me in, makes me think, inspires me to find out what happens next, is a true delight. Combine that with beautiful surroundings- whether that is the beach, or curled up by the fire with a mug of hot tea & a piece of dark chocolate- then you’ve got creature comforts to the max!

I asked Emily what inspired her book, one that I have found to be a fantastic selection for the reading for pleasure category.


“My two books– “Collecting the Constellations” and its upcoming sequel, “Pursue the Unknown End”– were inspired by my childhood love and fascination with the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Its gem room, multi-story dinosaur skeletons, and planetarium seemed beyond magical, and I daydreamed about what kind of fantastical exploits the people who worked there got into. As I got older, I had to reconcile my understanding of the politics of treasure-hunting with the glamorous allure of historical museums, and the book idea was born. The Antiquities Series is adventurous, and full of wonder– but also nods to the evolution of how cultures interact.”


“Even though I’m drawn to writing mysteries, I will read absolutely any genre, any length, any story. Even non-fiction! I need to learn and experience something new, every day, and that’s what I get from books. To know people– even fictional people– from different worlds and backgrounds and histories is what makes a person compassionate, caring, and capable of love. For me, books expand our hearts.”
What are some of your favorite titles? Please do share! Also be sure to read Emily’s book and we look forward to the upcoming sequel!


 Hi! I’m Emily, a writer and novelist living in LA. Raised as a typical Connecticut Yankee, I like bringing a sense of sarcasm and humor to everything I write– from recipes to DIY projects, and my first novel, now available on Amazon! Emily lives with her husband David and their two dogs outside of L.A.

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