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Want to know what’s on skincare guru and founder of Rhonda Allison skincare line’s shelf? She’s shared with me!

Rhonda: “I use the Minus 10 Collection, and for cleansing I use the Foaming Peptide Cleanser and the Pumpkin Cleanser. I used to use just the Pumpkin cleanser and now that I am in my late 60’s I’ve added the Foaming Peptide. I’m almost 70 now… and your skin changes with every decade. I don’t peel my skin as often as I did in my 30’s and 40’s. During those decades I focused on correcting my skin and rejuvenating it and now that I am almost into my 70’s I find my skin has been supported by that work that I did but also my needs have changed! I LOVE the Ageless Serum.  Now, I always tell people, this doesn’t mean that we don’t age at all! We can age, but less. We can slow it down. I actually created this product for me! In the mornings I do a cocktail of Peptide 38, Infuse 7 and the Ageless serums with the Sheer Tint SPF on top. In the evening I love using Retinols- The Synergy A and ChronoPeptide A especially. Oftentimes I will apply the Synergy A to my forehead, eye area and neck a couple of times per week, and then the Retinol Supreme I use for my decoletté and forehead. You really can alternate retinals and also apply them by section. I happen to have an ‘in’ so I know how to get the different retinols! {laughter}”

The ChronoPeptide A is a phenomenal blend for my skin- it gives a great cell turnover and keeps the skin very rejuvenated without being too harsh. Oh and also! How can I forget!!! Eye serum! Eye serums are SO key! I started working on the skin around my eyes when I was in my 30’s! I like the Eye and Lip Renew Serum a lot. One thing that I believe is important is that no one looks completely flawless. To not have some fine lines as you age would just look silly! The purpose of good eye care is to keep the tissue moist and looking dewy and healthy.”

 On Rhonda’s Shelf:



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