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I am SO excited to share today’s post with you! I have had the privilege and the pleasure of speaking with skincare guru Rhonda Allison, founder of the Rhonda Allison professional skincare line!

First, a little background on Rhonda and the skincare line:

Rhonda Allison, the founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises, respected world-wide for her innovative work with acids and chemical peels, is known as a highly respected speaker, author, and educator who has worked behind the aesthetic chair for 38 years. It was from observing and understanding the importance of getting results for clients that Rhonda personally researched, formulated and developed a skin care line using only pure, fresh, quality-driven ingredients – everything today’s discerning consumer wants! Rhonda was named Dermascope’s Legend for 2016!

The Rhonda Allison line is a professional skin care company that offers not only cosmeceutical skin care products to licensed aesthetic facilities, but extensive education and services as well. Not just another mainstream cosmeceutical line, a choice that was made in order to bring more active formulas to the market requiring professional guidance in its use and application of the RA Systems, the Rhonda Allison difference lives up to its reputation as a leader in this field. Well known and beloved by aestheticians all over the globe!

SKB: “I am literally giddy to be talking with you right now. You are the Fairy Godmother of all Aestheticians who are passionate about skincare. Thank you SO much for taking the time to speak with me! I love your line! It is so comprehensive- from the peels to the enzymes and the peptides and the serums- and also it smells AMAZING! I want to start by asking you- what is your skincare philosophy?”

RA: “It’s my pleasure! It’s exciting to see your blog displaying honesty & integrity in what we do- nowadays women have a lot of choices in what to buy and I think it can be very confusing! As far as my skincare philosophy goes, I definitely feel that genetics does play into the quality and integrity of the skin. One of my mantras or ‘mottos’ if you will for my clients has always been, ‘My promise to you is that we will take your skin to its optimum potential for health and beauty.” A person’s skin may not look exactly like mine, it may not age in the same way for example; but we can all certainly change the skin and improve upon it in a natural way.

My observation over the years has been that many women under-cleanse and over-moisturize! Helping our clients to clean the skin well makes such a difference. Oftentimes they will have a facial and say their skin feels so clean when in reality they may not have been cleansing it properly to begin with. I have seen people come in with coarse, textured, pebbled skin which started in early puberty, and after working with the skin in an appropriate way it begins to soften and they get that healthy glow. Finding a balance of hydration and moisture and regulating sebaceous activity are two keys to glowing skin.

It is SO exciting to see the skin change before our very eyes! You can see your clients light up inside, or even just see them smile more as their skin changes. Sometimes they may come in and they look tired or unhappy, then the next time they see you they have a new hairstyle, they are more smiley or they walk with a little spring in their step, or maybe they are exercising more! I have found that good skincare is a catalyst to other ways in which women begin to improve their lifestyle and practice good self care.”

SKB: “Oh I just love this! It is so inspiring to hear how passionate you are! How did you get the idea to start your line and/or how did it come about?”

RA: “It’s so funny when I look back to how it started because now we have so many SKU’s!! I never actually intended to start a skincare line! They say that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention…’ and this truly did apply. The creation of the products came out of a need- I was searching and searching and I couldn’t find the right products for my client base. In fact, at one point I was carrying 4-5 lines to meet my client’s needs! So, gradually, I started with peels and skin rejuvenation, tapping into some very savvy chemists and had the products as just a sprinkling for my clients only in my treatment room. One of my earlier products is from my acne line in which one of the main ingredients in Benzoyl Peroxide. I needed a product with that ingredient and so I developed it. Later on, local estheticians were interested in learning about some of the peels I had developed- then each step grew more and more and it was a very organic evolution of change which is just how I like it! The product grew with me as my client’s need’s expanded.”

SKB: “That is SO great! Now, if you would please tell me your favorite products from your line!”

RA: “Oh! Well I use the Minus 10 Collection, and for cleansing I use the Foaming Peptide Cleanser and the Pumpkin Cleanser. I used to use just the Pumpkin cleanser and now that I am in my late 60’s I’ve added the Foaming Peptide. I’m almost 70 now… and your skin changes with every decade. I don’t peel my skin as often as I did in my 30’s and 40’s. During those decades I focused on correcting my skin and rejuvenating it and now that I am almost into my 70’s I find my skin has been supported by that work that I did but also my needs have changed! I LOVE the Ageless Serum.  Now, I always tell people, this doesn’t mean that we don’t age at all! We can age, but less. We can slow it down. I actually created this product for me! In the mornings I do a cocktail of Peptide 38, Infuse 7 and the Ageless serums with the Sheer Tint SPF on top. In the evening I love using Retinols- The Synergy A and ChronoPeptide A especially. Oftentimes I will apply the Synergy A to my forehead, eye area and neck a couple of times per week, and then the Retinol Supreme I use for my decoletté and forehead. You really can alternate retinals and also apply them by section. I happen to have an ‘in’ so I know how to get the different retinols! {laughter}”

The ChronoPeptide A is a phenomenal blend for my skin- it gives a great cell turnover and keeps the skin very rejuvenated without being too harsh. Oh and also! How can I forget!!! Eye serum! Eye serums are SO key! I started working on the skin around my eyes when I was in my 30’s! I like the Eye and Lip Renew Serum a lot. One thing that I believe is important is that no one looks completely flawless. To not have some fine lines as you age would just look silly! The purpose of good eye care is to keep the tissue moist and looking dewy and healthy.”

SKB: “Wonderful! I am so excited to hear that some of your favorite products are also a part of your personal regimen! Now, you mentioned in the beginning about changing the skin naturally. Can you speak to the various information on “natural” and “organic” ingredients and how your line fits into all of that?”

RA: “I would definitely say that when we start calling our products ‘natural’ it truly is a fine line. I believe that having a mix of science based ingredients as well as natural ingredients gives you the best of both worlds. There used to be an adage that “if you can’t pronounce the name of an ingredient in a product then run from it!” and that just isn’t necessarily true! There may be a lab created ingredient that is a very sophisticated ingredient and it is a complex compound. It is still safe and also extremely valuable to a product’s efficacy. Conversely, there are many ingredients found in nature, botanicals in particular, which are very irritating to the skin! You can have organic products that are “natural” and yet see no result or no change to the skin. We truly take a Cosmeceutical Approach with our skincare line where we are blending science and nature to get the best result.”

SKB: “I have seen this personally from my work in the treatment room with your amazing line! I am so grateful that you spoke with me today and I hope all of my readers will be led to the amazing results of your products!”

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  1. I love the distinction age-less vs. ageless. I think it is a good thing to remember. It goes nicely with the philosophy to optimize what nature have given you. Great article.

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