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Happy Monday beauties!!! I had the opportunity to review a product called “MONQ” and I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

What MONQ is:

MONQ is a personal essential oil diffuser that you inhale from through your mouth and exhale through your nose. When you exhale through your nose as opposed to your mouth, molecules pass the olfactory nerve endings in your upper nasal passageway. This action is the first step to noticeable therapeutic effects. While the aromatherapy effect from the olfactory nerves starts immediately, it usually does not peak for at least a few minutes. The company recommends that you take a gentle breath or two and then put your MONQ down for a while, as opposed to breathing continuously. They encourage a very gentle initial breath to see how the blend affects you.*

I got to try 3 new blends from the “Feel Nature” collection- Ocean, Forest and Mountain. I thought they smelled wonderful! However, as a medical professional,  I really did not like the idea of inhaling it into my lungs.

How it works:

MONQ is a modern aromatherapy delivery device in which breathing in creates a gentle suction. This suction activates a small battery which heats up the aromatherapy liquid which is absorbed onto an organic cotton wick. As the aromatherapy liquid heats up, it turns into a mist consisting of water vapor and carbon dioxide, along with the aromatic compounds released by the heating of the essential oils. You take this mist into your mouth, complete with a wide variety of healthy terpenes and then exhale through your nose.*

My opinion?

Although this product is technically not considered “vaping” or smoking, you are still inhaling particulant matter into your lungs. I recommend that you inhale the aromas through your nostril only. You can still smell the essential oils and get the aromatherapeutic benefit by stimulating your olfactory nerves without possible side effects from inhaling through your lungs. The effect of vegetable glycerin and essential oils on the lungs has not been widely studied yet. If you were to ask your doctor, as they advise on their disclaimer page, he/she will most likely tell you not to use it! (I asked!)

*taken from their website

Have you tried MONQ? I’d love your thoughts! Please comment below!


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