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TGIF loves! As a special treat to kick off your weekend, if you enjoyed the inspiring and sumptuous interview with Gabrielle Brick, she’s sharing what’s on her shelf! 

“For my face, I love Gavée Gold. The founder, Tiffany, survived Stage 4 cancer, is certified in holistic skincare. She’s an amazing, amazing woman. Like you, she is passionate about beauty and believes that women shouldn’t have to be toxic to be beautiful. She created this line, and it’s the ONLY thing I put on my face. I started using it years ago, and I’ll never forget when I first put it on. It looked like I had prepped my face with a primer because my skin looked so perfect without makeup on and just the serum! It’s fantastic and it smells delicious and she uses only natural ingredients and essential oils in it. If you’re interested in joining her VIP Club message me – I make no money on any VIP members, it’s a special perk to make this luxury line available to many. ”

“On my body I use Nadine’s products from Living Libations. She is an incredible creator, alchemist and her potions smell divine. People always compliment me on how yummy I smell. One of my favorite oils for the skin is Moringa oil. The Moringa plant is an incredibly nutrient dense plant. It’s high in zinc, potassium and calcium, to name only a few. To be able to put an oil like this on the skin – it offers a few things; a.) you are getting nutrition from the oil when applied directly to the skin. 2.) it offers hydration for the body when you’re coming out of the shower and your skin is still damp, your pores are open, and you are feeding that nutrition into your skin. My skin looks super moist and supple but not oily. The skin gets an incredible glow just like an organic, unrefined avocado oil does for the skin. You will be amazed with the glow that you get!”

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