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TGIF Loves! Today I am going to share with you all about topical Vitamin C- what it is, what it does, and why you need it! I believe that everyone should be on an Antioxidant as part of their basic skincare routine! 

“Skin is naturally built for repair. When bombarded by environmental assaults, skin must focus on neutralizing oxidative damage, limiting its capacity for reparative functions. Daily use of pure vitamin C antioxidants, when properly formulated to penetrate skin, protect against damage, enhancing self-repair to reduce signs of aging.” -Dr. Sheldon Pinnell M.D., Founder of SkinCeuticals

What is Vitamin C and What Does it Do for The Skin?

Vitamin C is an essential and well-studied antioxidant.  Vitamin C strengthens skin’s natural protection from free radicals induced by environmental stressors such as:  • UVA • UVB • IRA • Pollution It also • Improves firmness • Reduces wrinkles • Brightens complexion• Evens skin tone • Improves radiance • Retextures skin • Diminishes lines

Not all Vitamin C Formulations are Created Equal

The gold standard, and the brand worth every penny, is SkinCeuticals. They are the antioxidant authority. Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, MD first did research on Vitamin C for its protective effects against skin cancer, and the line of three formulations was born. In clinical trials, these formulations reduced sunburn cells by 97%! CE Ferulic has been formulated for normal to dry skin, Phloretin CF is for Oily/Combination Skin and Phloretin Gel is for Oily Skin.  Although inherently unstable, SkinCeuticals has proven that vitamin C can actually get into skin when formulated properly according to the strict parameters developed and patented by Dr. Pinnell while at Duke University. SkinCeuticals research shows that specific combinations of antioxidants, when effectively formulated, perform synergistically to provide superior results to single antioxidant formulations.

How to Use It

Apply a few drops every morning on dry skin. Allow it to dry and then apply your serums, moisturizers and a sunscreen on top (with an SPF of at least 30!)

Want to learn more about how Vitamin C can affect your body internally? This is a great article from a fellow blogger Helen Sanders

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