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Happy Monday y’all! Today I want to share with you the benefits of a weekly exfoliation routine for your skin!

The Science

When we are younger, our skin cells have a quick turnover rate, with the skin renewing itself every 21-28 days. As we age and our metabolic processes slow, so does our cell turnover rate! Expect that by age 60 or above, your skin cells will renew every 40 days! This is a natural process, and part of life, but you can help your skin along! Exfoliating at home can slough off those dead skin cells sitting at the surface, to reveal brand new, baby fresh skin cells beneath!

Basic Exfoliation at Home

For most skin types, a mechanical exfoliant (also referred to as a “scrub”) is not the most appropriate choice. (Read my post all about Apricot Scrub here). I prefer a chemical exfoliant, often referred to as an exfoliating mask or an enzyme exfoliant. A chemical exfoliant utilizes the acids within the enzymes to break down the desmosomes between dead skin cells so that they can slough off. If you think of your skin cells as bricks and mortar, the desmosomes are the mortar that hold the skin cells together. Once the exfoliant is rinsed off with a soft washcloth, the dead skin cells, now loosened and freely sitting on the surface of the skin, are wiped away, revealing fresh skin beneath! Doing this up to three times per week ensures your best results! Follow with a soothing mask, and check with your esthetician for a recommendation on how often to exfoliate and which one is best for you!

My favorites are pictured below:

From left to right, Peter Thomas Roth Triple Peel (see my how-to post here), The Silk Renewing Peel from Silk Therapeutics, Glycolic Gel from Lab Grab by Silk Therapeutics (Sold out!), and I always follow with the PhytoCorrective Masque by SkinCeuticals.

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