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Today’s post was written by LPN and National Clinical Educator, Cheryl Hardy of Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center in Seattle, WA. 

Ultherapy, an ultrasound treatment, is a great choice to tighten the jawline, jowls, and lift the face and neck. It is the best alternative to a facelift, and the only non-invasive procedure FDA cleared to ‘Lift’ the skin. It uses ultrasound waves to deliver focused energy/heat to the exact right depth to cause neocollagenesis, stimulating new collagen and elastin, thus tightening and lifting the skin. Results typically take three to four months to appear fully and can improve slightly more as collagen continues to grow for about a year. We think of the procedure as “turning back the hands of time.” Most patients will take 1-3 pain pills about an hour before the non-invasive procedure and do just fine.  There is generally no bruising or downtime and costs range from $500-3,500 depending on the area to be treated.

As a clinical educator who travels the nation to train medical staff how to use the Ulthera device, Cheryl says, “It is really quite amazing and wonderful how well it really works when treated by someone with in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise. I’ve treated about a thousand patients since 2011 as one of the first Ultherapists in Seattle and I have seen some amazing results. As a nurse who has worked with lasers and other devices for 12 years—there is nothing else as good as Ultherapy. I’ve helped all kinds of patients, including those who have had less-than-ideal results at other clinics.”

Here is a video demo of Cheryl at work:

“Ultherapy is a great treatment and most people will benefit from it, but there is definitely a correlation between your Ultherapist’s experience and technique and your results. I recommend that you do your homework first before deciding where to have your treatment by asking the following questions:”

· Who is doing my treatment and how much experience do they have? Not just how many years have they been doing it, but how many patients have they treated?

· Ask to see their before and after photos of their own Ultherapy patients

· What is their science background and do they understand the structures of the face and neck?

· How do they customize each treatment?

· What does their follow-up protocol involve?

Your results may vary, but here are a few examples (Cheryl’s patients!):


Are you considering Ultherapy? Cheryl works at Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, Ulthera’s Ultra Premier Provider location. Cheryl welcomes you to come in for a free consultation—you can even take a test drive and see what the ultrasound feels like! Call 206-859-5777 or visit their website to schedule a consultation! 



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