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In today’s post, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Nina Vieira, a representative of the brand Dermalogica. Dermalogica was born from the International Dermal Institute, spear-headed by Skin Therapist Extraordinaire Jane Wurwand. A native of England, Wurwand began the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles. The educational centers are now global, as well as partner with Aesthetics schools to train Aestheticians to be a cut above the rest. (And I’ll admit friends, I’m biased, because my training was at a partnered IDI school!)

Ashli: “Hi Nina! I have to start by asking- I’ve noticed that Dermalogica has appeared on the shelves at Ulta. Can you tell me a little bit about this new development for the brand? Will it be carried by other retailers such as Sephora?”

Nina: “Yes! Dermalogica has recently been purchased by Unilever brands. It will remain in the PST channel (also known as the Professional Skin Therapist Channel), which means that it will only be sold in locations where a Licensed Aesthetician is on the premises. Our ingredients are highly active, which means you need the advice of a qualified Skin Therapist in order to purchase the right products that meet your skin’s needs. Ulta employs Licensed Aestheticians at each of their locations. So you won’t be seeing Dermalogica available in other retail locations such as Sephora, and if you ever see it on the shelves of CVS or Wal-Mart, that is not legal! Those products are called “Divergent” and are part of the “Gray Market”- a 23 Billion dollar industry in which reps from different companies illegally sell product at a discount to big chain stores that aren’t licensed to carry the products. Part of my job as a rep is to take these products off the shelves of these stores, scan the QR codes to trace the products back to the rep and to close down the rep from selling any more!”

Ashli: “Wow. So we definitely should not buy this product on Amazon, and should request a skin consultation with an Aesthetcian on staff if we aren’t receiving a facial with the products?”

Nina: “Absolutely.”

Ashli: “So that being said… if a consumer were to add a product from Dermalogica to their regimen, what would that be? What would you say is the stand-out product for 2017?”

Nina: “Well, we just launched a new product last week (on 1/3/17!) that I think is going to be the Superhero product from the Age Smart Line. It’s called the Daily SuperfoliantIt is an exfoliant that can be used every other day that contains active charcoal from Japan. Charcoal is able to detoxify by taking particles away from a surface area that it touches. Pollution sticks to the skin in the form of particles and essentially deprives the skin of vital oxygen as well as inhibits circulation, which are both essential for healthy skin. The exfoliant resurfaces the skin, detoxifies as well as protects it from pollution and a concept called “Inflammaging”. Inflammaging occurs when aging of the skin is accelerated due to constantly being under environmental stress and inflammation. Each bottle comes with test strips in which you can actually test the level of pollution on the surface of your skin, and then after you use it you can test again and see the difference! We also created an App for SmartPhones in which you can see how much pollution there is in the region of the world that you live in!” You can read more about this here

Pictured in the far left is our lovely guest Nina!

Ashli: “Wow! That sounds amazing! Now- as a rep you have tried all of the products. What are you top 3?”

Nina: “Well, it’s more like top 50! Ha! But, if I had to pick, I would say my #1 would be the Daily Superfoliant that I just told you about, Pre-Cleanse, and the Hydrablur Primer. The Pre-Cleanse is a cleansing oil that can be used at the end of the day before your cleanser to help remove makeup. It’s a little known fact, but oil actually cuts oil in the skin. The pre-cleanse really helps to emulsify oil and makeup and debris from the day and get skin thoroughly clean so that whatever products you put on can truly penetrate. And the Hydrablur Primer is basically an Instagram filter in a tube! It has a self-adjusting tint so ANY skin tone can use it! It also contains a micro encapsulated mushroom extract which helps to reduce the visibility of pores, and it also helps with TEWL or Trans Epidermal Water Loss, keeping the skin properly hydrated and protecting barrier function. It stays all day, and the texture is thick but not greasy and feels very light on the skin. You can mix it with foundation, wear it by itself, or even put a mineral powder on top. It is extremely versatile.”

Hydrablur on the Right side of the hand! Wowzers! Photo credit Instagram for Dermalogica Australia

Ashli: “Nina, this is fantastic. Thank you so much for speaking with us today! I can’t wait to try out the new Daily Superfoliant for sure!”

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