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Hi Skincare Belle!

Wondering what some good skin care products are for young teens that don’t break the bank??  Specifically, cleansers.

Currently, she is using, Benefit’s toning lotion & a drugstore Cleanser.

Thanks doll!

Frugal Mama

Hey Frugal Mama!

GREAT question. Teens have the benefit of youth and therefore do not need to invest any money in correctives and result-oriented treatments for anti-aging. Teen have the very specific need to keep their skin clean, hydrated, and to treat acne if indicated. The key is also identifying her skin type, which will determine the appropriateness of the products being used (for example- if she has combination skin is she using products that are meant for combination skin?)

The holy grail of cleansers, that doesn’t break the bank, that is appropriate for almost every one, at every age is…… Simply Clean by SkinCeuticals.


It costs $34. You use a pea sized amount in the evening only (it foams and foams!), so one 240 mL bottle lasts 6 months. It contains mild detergents with 5 hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the skin to remove excess makeup, oil, dirt and impurities at the end of the day. It is the greatest thing since waterproof eyeliner! Tone after, moisturize, and DONE.

In the AM, as long as her skin isn’t broken out in chronic acne, she should cleanse with a swipe of toner. Heritage Rose Petals Rosewater costs under 5 bucks. Amazing.




  1. Thanks for this information, Ashli! Definitely sharing it with my 13 year old & her friends.

  2. Thank you for this post as it is very interesting on skin care and how to be frugal but healthy at the same time.

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