Happy Monday y’all!!! I attempted to do this post last week but I had some major technical difficulties with my site! Everything is up and running now and also…. Baby Adaline is HERE!!! She arrived Thursday 4/19/2018 9am 7lbs 1oz 19 1/4″ long! Stay tuned for more on her delivery! Here are some of my favorite photos from our maternity/family shoot that we did at 38 weeks! I hope you enjoy! Photography by Richelle Bozung My dress: Altar’d State-Similar The girls’ dresses and Flower Crowns: H & M Kids On Tony: Banana RepublicRead More →

Hey y’all! It’s just about time for Baby Adaleine to arrive and I wanted to share some of my must-have products that I pack in my hospital bag for postpartum self care.  If you’ve had a baby before, you know there is nothing like that first shower after you deliver. I make sure that I bring things for the shower that give me a sensory experience, which is also a far cry from being in the sterile hospital room!  A Massage oil/Composition Oil– I pack this for during labor and I use it to moisturize my skin afterwards. It contains soothing essential oils that smell heavenly and also help to calm theRead More →

Hi y’all! Baby Adaleine is going to be here SO soon! Thank you for your patience on the less frequent blog posts as we nest and prepare for her arrival!  As promised, here is part 2 of Life During Residency! What Makes Residency Challenging The long hours and the scheduling unpredictability There are a few thing that made Intern Year (the first year) and the following years challenging. The first is adjusting to the new schedule. Interns and Residents alike work a LOT of hours. There have recently been regulations put into place to not over-work medical trainees, but it’s still a lot! Tony worked an average ofRead More →

TGIF y’all! Thank you for your patience while I took two weeks off from blogging! It was a much needed time-out and I took time off from social media too! Once in a while I think that’s important! Today’s post is Part One, all about life as a Resident’s wife, and I’m also entitling it “Make it Work” You KNOW I would never lie to you… residency is REALLY hard. Read on.  Match Day: The Big Day Before Residency Begins I really need to start with the match, before residency even begins, because this is a crucial and pivotal time for both your SO’s career as well as forRead More →

Hi Ashli! I am newly pregnant and I am very concerned about preventing stretch marks. Are there any effective products on the market and is there anything I can do to prevent them? Thank you so much. Sincerely yours, Stretching Mama-to-Be Dear Stretching Mama-to-Be, Oh my darling, I completely understand this concern! Stretch marks are essentially scar tissue on the surface of the skin due to rapid changes not only in tension on the skin but also due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Currently, there are no proven products on the market to prevent them, and in many cases they appear to be genetic.Read More →

Happy Monday y’all! Before I continue our story and share what life was like through Residency, I thought I would share some things that I learned through Tony’s medical school journey that helped our partnership and helped us get through those long 4 years! Live away from campus if you can This was SO helpful for us. As I mentioned earlier, the majority of students in Tony’s class were young and single and they all lived close to each other. We were 27 when Tony started and very much out of the party scene by that point. Living away from the med school bubble created a retreatRead More →

Happy Saturday! Today I’m going to continue what life as a med school spouse was like during years 3 and 4 of school! End of Second Year, the USMLE Step One As I mentioned yesterday, the Step One is the Licensing Exam that all future MD’s take during medical school. You have to pass in order to move forward and complete the program, and if you want the specialty and residency of your choice, you have to really do well on it. Tony took his exam at the end of June 2012. I was about 17 weeks pregnant when he took it. He studied fromRead More →

TGIF! And Happy February! (Winter is almost over! YES!) So, on Monday I shared the back story of how my husband and I met and married and how he decided to take the path to medicine. Today I’m going to share all about medical school and life as the wife of a med student! Before Med School: A Timeline Tony enrolled in his first pre-med pre-req in the Fall of 2005. He took one class per semester that his work very graciously paid for (He was working in Corporate Sales for BOSE Corporation at the time!) Now, getting into medical school definitely goes beyond having aRead More →

Happy Monday!! As promised, I am going to take some time this week to share some of my journey with you in being a medical spouse. In today’s post I’m going to start with before Medical School! We’ve definitely taken a unique path and so I think it’s worth telling the back story! Before Medical School I met my husband Tony on Monday, September 10, 2001 at 8am in Harmony 1 at Berklee College of Music. (Harmony is Berklee’s term for Music Theory). It was the day before 9/11- he was 17 and I was 18, and you could say that day- that week- changed the course ofRead More →

Hello and happy Monday my loves! It has recently been brought to my attention by some of my favorite dermatologists that they are seeing patients come in with botched (and sometimes dangerous-having counterfeit product injected!) injections due to their going to someone who was “cheaper”. Let’s talk about this! 1. Good injections aren’t cheap, and cheap injections aren’t good.  If you see a Groupon or some type of “deal” on injections that claims an incredibly low price (like, under $200 for the entire forehead, for example) stay away! You should expect to pay between $10-20 per unit of Botox. This is industry standard. The forehead is an averageRead More →