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Hey beauties! We all want to age gracefully and look our best through every stage and season of life- so here is your essential guide to doing just that! Today I’ll build upon the first part of this series and share your skincare and beauty plan for your 30’s.

The 30’s…. this is so far my favorite decade! This is the decade in which you really come into your own and hopefully are feeling very comfortable and confident in your own skin. At this point you have lived through your teens and 20’s with the many skin changes those decades can bring, and you are armed with knowledge about how your skin behaves and how to make it look its very best!

During the 30’s, the building blocks of the skin that are present in youth start to decline such as Collagen, Elastin as well as Hyaluronic Acid (an acid present in the skin that can hold 1000 times its weight in water!) During this decade you may struggle with TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) due to the decline in H.A., as well as skin that may feel more lax. If you have children during this decade, your skin may respond to your changing hormones with acne, and you may develop melasma, a brown or tan discoloration of the face commonly caused by pregnancy. Whether you have chosen to become a Mom or not, you may struggle with adult acne at this stage of the game too.

What to Do

  1. Know your skin type, and treat your skin accordingly. As I’ve mentioned in my Skin Analysis post, having a professional skin analysis is the best starting point to know how your skin behaves as well as how to address any conditions you may have. If you haven’t started seeing an esthetician in your 20’s, now’s the time to make this a priority! She can get you on the right track to caring for your specific skin type!
  2. Retinol is a must. Prescription or non prescription retinols will help to increase your cell turnover rate so that your skin is renewing at the rate it did when you were younger. While Retin-A may not be the most appropriate choice for your skin (as it may be too strong) there are many topical OTC retinols out there that are very effective! My favorite? Biopelle! You can read more in-depth about this here.
  3. Start using Stem CellsStem cells that are naturally found in the body actually help to create NEW cells! As we age, our stem cell supply diminishes as well as the energy within them to repair, rebuild and replicate new cells. Applying stem cells topically helps to assist in the existing stem cells’ natural activity. You can also combine this with Growth Factors, which  assist in the efficiency of EXISTING cells. I’ve mentioned Growth Factors by Neocutis which I love, and I also love the Tensage line by Biopelle which is both Stem Cells and Growth Factors!
  4. Wear sunscreen dailyI can’t stress this enough! 90% of aging is photo-aging, and therefore we can prevent it! Use an SPF of at least 30 in the form of a mineral sunscreen 365 days per year, separate from your makeup and moisturizer!
  5. Consider nixing sugar from your diet. In all honesty, consider nixing ANYTHING from your diet that doesn’t contribute to your overall health and well-being. (and this is not just to benefit your skin!) This includes processed foods, fried foods, foods with too much sodium, and sugar. The skin does NOT like blood sugar spikes. As glucose moves through the skin and gets metabolized, if there is too much it sticks to collagen fibers within the extra cellular matrix, forming little ladders of glucose and proteins that can literally pull on the upper layer of the epidermis and weigh it down, creating a wrinkle! Keep blood sugar even by avoiding high sugar foods that can cause a spike.
  6. Start receiving peels and more aggressive skin treatments on a regular basis. Receiving peels assists in the rejuvenation of skin, giving you a glow that you can’t get otherwise! Also, this is a great decade to try more aggressive anti-aging treatments such as Fraxel, Clear and Brilliant Laser (which is a baby Fraxel), and Microneedling to name a few. (More on each of these treatments in later posts- you know I love to keep you in the know!)
  7. Consider injectables. Curious about taking the plunge? Schedule a consultation with a qualified provider such as a Nurse Injector (the best are Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists, or CANS), a P.A., A Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon. He or she can properly assess your face, discuss your goals, and recommend the appropriate course of action when it comes to the use of neuromodulators such as Botox, and fillers such as Restylane.

    Me at age 34, 3 months after having my second baby! I can say that I love the 30’s- I feel more comfortable with myself than I did in my 20’s!

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