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Hey beauties! We all want to age gracefully and look our best through every stage and season of life- so here is your essential guide to doing just that! Today I’ll share your skincare and beauty plan for your 20’s.

Look at that collagen! Don’t mind the mint in my mouth- this was just before I said “I Do!” 10 years ago! I was 24!

Ahhh the 20’s… the decade in which skin is its freshest, cell turnover rate is at its highest for adulthood, collagen abounds, and sometimes acne lingers. This is the decade in which you will start to be comfortable in your own skin- learning how to care for your skin, preserve it, and celebrate your unique beauty!

What to Do

  1. Know your skin type, and treat your skin accordingly. As I’ve mentioned in my Skin Analysis post, having a professional skin analysis is the best starting point to know how your skin behaves as well as how to address any conditions you may have. See a great esthetician for a facial and she can get you on the right track to caring for your specific skin type!
  2. Start receiving regular facials. At age 27, the levels of collagen normally found in the start to break down due to a slow in collagen production. Receiving regular facials and intermittent peels will help to keep boosting that collagen!
  3. Start using Growth Factors. Epidermal Growth Factors in products such as Neocutis’ Bio Serum helps to preserve and support the existing collagen levels in the skin.
  4. Wear sunscreen dailyI can’t stress this enough! 90% of aging is photo-aging, and therefore we can prevent it! Use an SPF of at least 30 in the form of a mineral sunscreen 365 days per year, separate from your makeup and moisturizer!
  5. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated. During the college years and early 20’s of joining the workforce, we tend to push ourselves to the limit by staying up late studying or seeing friends, possibly drinking excessively and eating salty or sugary foods (Think: midnight burgers & fries or runs to IHOP!) Enjoy, but make sure you rebound the next day by drinking plenty of water and focusing on fruits and vegetables with a high water content such as peppers, cucumbers and watermelon to help rehydrate your body and your skin! And if you can- turn in early the next night!
  6. Talk to your OB and your Derm if your skin is breaking out from either going on or off of birth control. Your Esthetician can offer you some great solutions as well that are non-perscription, but don’t be afraid to tell your OB or your Derm that hormonal acne is bothering you! There are SO many wonderful solutions, from adjusting the hormone levels in your pill, to topical prescription retinoids.
  7. It’s not too early to start on a Retinol. While Retin-A may not be the most appropriate choice for your skin (as it may be too strong) there are many topical OTC retinols out there that are very effective! My favorite? Biopelle!

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