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TGIF!!!! I am SO excited to share with you- I had the privilege of speaking with the one and only Dr. Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS and founder of The Diamond Face Institute. Dr. Diamond has locations in Beverly Hills, New York, Dubai and Moscow. He is a facelift specialist concentrating exclusively on the face and applying his considerable talent and training to enhancing our most defining feature. For two years, Dr. Diamond traveled the globe to learn from the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world- often the very individuals who developed specific facial procedures. He has sought out the best of the best so that he can deliver this to each and every patient he sees. You also may have seen him on the popular E! series Dr. 90210 as well as Netflix’ Celebrity Plastic Surgeons. I have profound respect for his work as well as his work ethic!  Today he’s going to tell us what makes a person’s face beautiful and all about the impact of facial implants. 

Ashli: “So many celebrities trust your aesthetic to make their faces so beautiful…so, how do you quantify beauty? How do you decide how big someone’s nose should be for example- Because I know also you have clinics in Dubai, and in Moscow, and there’s different cultural standards of beauty.. so how do you decide? What makes a person beautiful?”

Dr. Diamond: “So, having practices in different locations- Russia, Dubai, New York and L.A., I’ve seen every single type of person from all four corners of the globe, right? I’ve seen everybody and I’ve seen every different type of culture, and spending time in those different geographic locations you find that there are without a doubt there are some cultural differences. There are cultural differences in what people find beautiful from culture to culture…but there are some very common and consistent threads that sort of weave their way through all cultures that are universally considered desirable. And the reality is, in general, the Hollywood ideal and what Hollywood puts out there as what’s supposed to be beautiful, is what most cultures sort of abide by. And it’s not that they’re abiding by it, I think that it’s just sort of inherent in people’s DNA what their eye finds beautiful. I think Hollywood has identified that, and Hollywood just attracts the best of the best from the world and that’s why I think the ‘Hollywood ideal” still stands as the ideal beauty standard.. the ideal standard of beauty is what Hollywood says it is.”

“So, what is it that Hollywood says? What is it that are the consistent themes of beauty from culture to culture? Well, it’s Symmetry. Facial Symmetry is probably one of the most consistent features that is considered important for beauty. Balance– Facial balance and facial harmony… (and symmetry is all part of that), but having features that are all in harmony with each other and that are all balanced with each other- the most beautiful faces have that. Strong features, in general- strong, angular features are considered beautiful in all cultures. And what does that mean? It means faces with the appropriate amount of bony structure in relation to soft tissue which is fat and muscle. It’s the appropriate relationship between the amount of bone and the amount of soft tissue. That doesn’t mean there’s no fat in the ideal face- there’s some fat, but typically it’s fat in the correct proportions and the correct locations. In general, the most beautiful faces- they definitely have fat. It’s fat that’s supported by the surrounding musculature and the surrounding bones. It’s where the fat doesn’t overwhelm and doesn’t have much effect. Beautiful faces have all of those features in common almost every time. Almost every time. Balance, Symmetry, Facial Harmony, Strong Bone Structure, Strong Angular Features, and a low amount of Fatty content in relationship to bone and muscle. Those are the things that are consistent in almost every face that is considered beautiful.”

SKB: “Wow. Now in your practice I know that you actually use 3D imaging, correct?”

DD: “I do, yes. “

SKB: “So, I would imagine that really helps you to see what is actually going on structurally in someone’s face…DD: “Yes!” SKB: “So this enables you to really perfect the outcome. DD: “Yes, correct!” SKB: “How did you develop this as part of your technique? I know that you have worked with lots of different practitioners such as dermatologists and other surgeons to really hone your craft- how did you start to seek finding this perfection and that precision in your work?”

DD: “So, you know as a facial specialist you deal a lot with people who are trying to make their faces more balanced, more harmonious, more symmetric and with stronger features…and when you are dealing with these people there is one very specific sub-specialty within facial plastic surgery for this and that is facial implants. Facial implants are the most powerful way to change a face. The most powerful way to create facial beauty- when appropriate! Not everybody needs a facial implant, but when appropriate,  there’s no more powerful thing that you can do to improve somebody’s beauty. Face lifts are great- they are awesome on the right person, those will typically take years off- but they’re not going to improve beauty. They’re not going to take somebody from a 7 to a 9, it will make them look younger. Facial implants, when appropriate, will actually improve somebody’s beauty because you can improve their balance, you can improve their symmetry, you can improve the strength to their features. Facial implants are a very important component, and it’s a very difficult thing to do! I learned how to do facial implants and I learned how to do it years ago from the masters in the field, and it became one of those things that I have put a lot of importance on and I have focused a lot on it and paid a lot of attention to it. Being a facial implant expert- and now there are very few of us! There are very few who are facial implant experts, but being that I found it essential to be able to use three dimensional imaging, use CT scans and use all kinds of imaging to evaluate somebody’s bony structure and to work with somebody’s bony structure. I just figured out how to do that years ago and it’s something that is essential to doing high level implants work. “

SKB: “That is so amazing, and also it probably helps to manage your patient’s expectations because you really can see the outcome before the surgery.”

DD: “Yeah , it’s very helpful for the patients to understand, and it’s actually one of the only procedures that a patient can really give their input. They can be there while you are designing a customized implant. They can see what you’re designing, they can give their input as to whether they think they’d like more projection in a certain area or more squareness in a certain area, or more of an oval shape… like they can look at it and see what you’re doing and give input. Now it’s not essential, but many of my patients like to do that. They will sit here with me for an hour and a half while I’m designing an implant and sit right across from me and they will sort of be there while I’m designing it! It’s a very nice thing.”

SKB: “YES! Amazing…I’ve always been very impressed with this aspect of your practice. I feel that as an Aesthetician I do a lot of consulting, and people will sort of quietly ask me as they are on the table, “I’m thinking of getting a facial plastics procedure [such as a rhinoplasty or a facelift], who should I see?’ and I always tell them ‘Dr. Diamond!! There are many talented surgeons out there, but Dr. Diamond is the best of the best!’ That being said, let’s just say that someone can’t get to your clinic in L.A. or New York… what would you say that they need to look for in a great surgeon?”

DD: “Here’s the thing. I would say that experience counts for a LOT. I think in this day and age of advertising and social media, you see that there are people that are very savvy with this stuff and they come out looking like they’ve got worlds of experience and millions of patients and if you dig a little deeper you realize that they’ve been in practice for 6 months. And Ashli, you know and your husband knows… you just can’t develop an experience base in six months. I think it’ very important for people to understand that… that they should see doctors with experience. That doesn’t mean don’t see a young guy, it doesn’t mean that at all, but it means make sure that doctor’s got experience, and I would say the most important thing is talk to people who have had work done by that person. With the internet, with social media, everybody makes themselves look like Mick Jagger! I would say you talk to some real patients. Every doctor should have a list of patients who would be willing to talk with you if you’re interested in something I would say make sure you’ve seen the guy’s work firsthand, and that sort of thing. Get some good word of mouth referrals.”

SKB: “Exactly. But like I said, I’m sending everyone to you so it doesn’t really matter! [Laughter from both] DD: “Thank you, thank you so much.”

Dr. Diamond’s hard work and carefully crafted surgical skills are backed by several prestigious accolades, including being double board certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology. In addition, Dr. Diamond received additional training and is a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons.

 For more information, visit https://www.jasonbdiamond.com

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