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Happy Saturday y’all!! A few weeks ago, I did a photoshoot with Model and Photographer Anna Chernobaeva. She is amazing to work with and I highly recommend her if you live in the Boston area! I am going to share my best makeup tips for photographs to help you look your best, whether it’s for professional, family or event photographs! 

1. Let the real you come through

False lashes are fun, contouring is all the rage now thanks to the beautiful Kardashian ladies, but can I tell you something? You will look your best if you aren’t “over-done”. Allowing your natural skin to shine through by softly highlighting and not doing a heavy blush or contouring is one of the best ways that you can look polished but also like yourself. Just like celebrity makeup artist Buffy Saint Marie said in my previous post, “I want makeup to look like skin. Embrace what you have and love it! It’s part of your character. Face to body perfection is just not realistic and not necessary for beauty!” 

2. Skip the heavy eyeliner

Eyeliner that is too heavy and dark can cast shadows under the eyes making you look tired, and it can also accentuate any fine lines you may have. Go for a white liner under the eyes and a soft black, brown or aubergine for the upper lids near the lash line. A smoky eye can be done using softer, muted shades rather than stark contrasting colors such as black or a bright white as your highlight color. Browns, aubergines, and nudes make a very natural smoky eye. Also check your lashes for any mascara clumps!

3. Go for a pink lip with a gloss

A soft pink or nude lip that is close to your natural lip color will bring out your natural beauty, and a gloss will add just the right amount of elegance. A red lip is great for dramatic effect as long as you are precise with the application! Also- show up for the shoot wearing a tooth whitening strip and take it off just before taking the photos- trust me on this one!

4. Avoid glitter

Glitter on the skin can refract light in strange ways, and if you try to wear it on your eyes it can migrate down onto your cheeks! For a soft highlight try a shimmer instead- I love it because it gives a touch of whimsy while being more sophisticated than glitter.

5. Choose jewelry in flattering metals

If your skin tone is cool, opt for silver and cool tones for the jewels (such as blue, green, purple and white) If your skin is warm, choose yellow gold, rose gold and warm tones for your jewels (such as pink, red, yellow and ivory). To tell if you have cool toned skin- your veins on the underside of your wrist will appear blue, and if you are a warm your veins will appear green. There are variations on this, but this is a very basic way to tell!

6. Choose a flattering color palette for clothing

Almost everyone looks great in white or ivory. You can also follow the cool vs. warm rule when choosing wardrobe colors. If you have high contrast coloring (think very dark hair and very pale skin) jewel tones and primary colors will really flatter you. If you have a more uniform coloring (think blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair, or beautiful mocha skin with dark brown eyes and dark hair), cool tones, pastels and earth tones can be beautiful! A hint is if you try on a color shirt and it instantly makes your eyes stand out and brightens your cheeks, you know it’s a winner! Also- almost every woman looks gorgeous in pink!

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