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In today’s post, I am going to share with you how to fake a beautiful tan, and the best products to use!!!

To fake a tan at home there are two options:

An Instant Full Body Bronzing


A Gradual Tan

For the Instant Full Body Bronzing you will need to first exfoliate your skin thoroughly. On dry skin, apply a sugar or a salt scrub vigorously, paying attention to knees and elbows. Rinse off in the shower thoroughly.

Apply a tanning lotion or mousse in a thin, even layer over the skin, washing hands immediately after. (Or wear a mitt!) Wait a few minutes to get dressed so that you don’t get tanner on your clothes!

For a Gradual Tan, I have a few favorites! I actually adore the Jergens Natural Glow (pictured above) because I love the color as well as the scent! I also love Vita Liberata and Phytomer Sun Radiance. If you find that your skin gets a little dry from using these every day, you can mix a tiny bit of your favorite body lotion with the gradual self tanner! Also you may want to exfoliate on the first day of applying the gradual tanner!

A word on the face

I’m not a huge fan of applying self-tanner to the face. Oftentimes the color can be uneven and it can make any freckles or dark spots darker, making the face appear dirty! Bronze instead with Hoola from Benefit

 It gives a very realistic looking glow! Don’t forget to apply it by sweeping an E and a 3 on the sides of your face, as pictured: These are the exact spots where the sun would hit you if you had a tan. (And I’m glad you don’t! Preserve and protect your skin!)

So my loves, fake the bake and wear a Mineral Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, separate from your moisturizer, every day (365!).

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