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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend friends! In honor of that, I’ve called in a special treat for you today- my friend Dr. Michelle Morris, MD, a General Practitioner in Dublin, Ireland, sharing her very favorite skincare brands from the Emerald Isle! I hope you enjoy! Michelle has a fantastic blog called “Skip The Script” I think you would love! 



Premium skincare products abound in every country but what makes the two ranges of premium skincare products I’m going to talk about different are the healing, glow-infusing ingredients unique to Ireland. They containnamely Irish sea botanicals and nutrient-infused seaweed extracts.




In 1980s Ireland, marine biologist Patrick Mulrooney set about distilling and bottling the healing powers of the Atlantic ocean after noticing the remarkable improvement in his two daughters’ eczema after spending each summer in the west coast of Ireland. The resultant Seavite range is famous worldwide for the regenerative properties its use confers. The aforementioned two daughters are now medical doctors specialising in dermatology and they continue to develop the Seavite range. Seavite Supernutrient Skincare range is a broad one, with something special to offer to all and is “ideal for daily use on sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and adult acne’’.

The range comprises a “soothing and replenishing face cream’’, a “comfort’’ cleanser, a “hydrating” face lotion, a “radiance’’ and a “toning sea spray’’.

I believe the standout product is the Super Nutrient Soothing and Replenishing Face Cream (47.50 euros for 50ml online – www.seavite.ie – and if you buy 2 Super Nutrient face products you will receive a complimentary Seavite travel pack worth 47.50 euro). It is recommended that you use this cream twice daily. It is extremely hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and contains amino acids, anti-oxidants, soothing seaweed extracts and is suitable for dry, sensitive skin: #winning!

There are also several body products (washes and moisturisers) as well as a shampoo. The Seavite gift sets make ideal presents!




Voya, “luxury, organic skincare from the Sea”, has been chosen by some of the world’s most exclusive resorts, such is its exemplary reputation. Ballyfin Demense in County Portlaoise, Ireland is one such 5 star resort. The Burj al Arab in Dubai is another.

Voya was created by the Walton family in the west coast of Ireland and their claim to fame is that it’s the “world’s first certified organic seaweed-based skincare range’’. The wild seaweed is handpicked and its extracts are blended with the finest organic ingredients to produce luxury skincare products which have a cult following worldwide. Have a look at Voya’s online shop (www.voya.ie) to get a taster of some of the beautifully packaged products for bath, body, hair and face as well as luxury gift sets and household items. My top choice is the Dream crème Night Cream (64 euro for 50ml online).

I have had Voya seaweed baths in Strandhill, Sligo (on Ireland’s west coast) several times and have left with baby-soft skin for days so if you ever get the opportunity to indulge in one, seize it!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Love, Michelle

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Dr. Michelle Morris graduated in Medicine from Trinity College in Dublin in 2009 and is a member of both the Irish College of General Practitioners (MICGP), and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCPI)

She undertook her 4 year training in general practice with the North Dublin GP training scheme and has a diploma in Women’s Health with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gyaenecologists (DRCOG) 


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      I’ve wondered the same thing Andrew! I’m going to email her right now! Take care! Ashli

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