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Les Nouvelles Estéthetiques Magazine October Issue “The New Makeup Phenomenons” 

Bella Santé Spa Blog “5 Tips for Beautiful, Glowing Skin from a Bella Santé Esthetician”

MyLola.Com “5 Conventional Beauty and Skincare Products You Should Throw Out Right Now -and How to Replace Them”

Yankee Smartass “Answering Your Skincare Questions” 


Shape Magazine, “8 Brutally Honest Confessions from Massage Therapists”

Reader’s Digest , “8 Everyday Essentials You Should Splurge On (And 3 Things to Buy on The Cheap)”

The Klog “Everything You Should Know About Dry Brushing”

Reader’s Digest, “4 Beauty Products You Should Never Spend More Than $10 On- And 5 Worth the Splurge”

Cheap perfumes are often made with harsh chemicals that can give you (and your neighbor) a hefty headache. Keep your scents delicate and subtle; while having a signature scent is great, you don’t want to give off the impression that you bathe in the stuff. Only spritz to your pulse points such as behind your ear, on your wrists, inside your elbow, and behind your knee. The whole “spray-and-walk-through-it” is not only ineffective, but can easily get you a mouthful of alcohol. According to Ashli Carnicelli, makeup artist and esthetician at Bella Santé Spa, “There is nothing better to finish off your outfit and your makeup than a gorgeous scent. It makes you feel luxurious and put together and can even lift your mood. Skip the drugstore brands and pay for the good stuff. Drugstore brand perfumes are typically filled with synthetics and alcohol, so not only are they more likely to give you and others around a headache, they don’t last. Eau du parfum is the best option for a long-lasting olfactory impression.” Here’s what your perfume says about your personality.

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